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A huge thanks to Winter Park Ski Patrol

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My daughter and I went skiing today at Winter Park. My daughter is a 14 year old beginner skier, having skied about 5 days in the last 3 seasons. Today was her first day out this season, and after lots of time warming up in Discovery Park she decided she wanted to try some green trails. We headed up Eskimo Express, and on the way down she twisted her knee in a soft fall. I was about 50 yards downhill from her watching her ski when she fell.

First, I want to thank Jules (sorry I didn't get her last name) for stopping to check on my daughter and calling ski patrol on her radio while I was walking back up the hill to reach my daughter. She crossed the skis in the snow and waited uphill to warn oncoming skiers. Thanks Jules!!

Next, I want to thank Andy Rollins for his warm and kind treatment of my daughter on the hill until the sled arrived. I just can't express enough thanks to him for the professional way he handled the rescue and his bedside manner in comforting my daughter while she was waiting for the sled.

From there, she went to the patrol shack for evaluation and first aid. Jim (again, I regret not getting a last name) took excellent care of her there, always with a great sense of humor and comforting my daughter.

There was a whole host of other people who's names I did not get. From the lady who splinted my daughter's knee, the lady who helped her to the car on crutches, the lady who carried my daughter's ski gear to our car, thanks a million to you all.

My daughter is home and resting well now, and it appears the injury is very minor. I cannot express enough gratitude for the kindness and professionalism shown by everybody we encountered today during this experience. If anybody knows any of these folks, please thank them for me again. In the chaos of the incident, I didn't get enough of a chance to thank them.

What a fantastic group!!

Rob and Alexandra
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First of all I'm sorry the day didn't go better for you folks and I hope your daughter is doing well. Several years ago my kid broke her arm on the mountain on Xmas eve while I was teaching a lesson. Luckily the lesson was to a pediatrician!

It's tough to see your child get hurt.

I hope she'll quickly get "back on the horse". My daughter's injury was while snowboarding and it took her a while to return to the sport.

As a "value add" to the Winter Park experience I would love to give your daughter some help with her skiing. It's free. No tip, no beer afterwards, no strings. I'd just love to see her back on snow with a big smile on her face feeling better about the sport. As a dad it would make me happy.

Send me a private message and I'll give you my contact info.

I will print your kind words and get your message to all the right people at the resort. All the patrol personnel at the Colorado resorts do a magnificant job. I am, however, partial to our staff!
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Well said, Rob and Alexandra.

Hope she's back to 100% soon.
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Thanks, Rusty, that is very generous of you. I think it would boost her confidence a great deal to ski with an expert for even a short time.

We're headed to Copper this weekend but plan to be back in Winter Park in a couple weeks, so I'll be in touch.
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Glad to hear she is ok!

If you get a chance, drop a card to the patrol and let them know how she's doing. Because of some area's interpretation of privacy laws, patrol are not permitted to contact the guests after they leave. (yes, all that info we ask about you and your health is confidential). There have been many times I'd like to know what the MRI showed, as well as how they are doing with the whole episode.
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There was typically a 'contribution box' in the 'Wrec Room' at WP and the funds were used for a year end party and some gear improvements/upgrades. Also, a nice way to help out those providing assistance.

Hope your daughter gets 'back in the saddle' soon and won't let this get in the way.
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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
...There have been many times I'd like to know what the MRI showed, as well as how they are doing with the whole episode.
Our patrol's medical director can access the records on-line and may use an interesting or insightful case for a medical review for the EMT patrollers.

To the OP: I've heard somewhere that patrollers like beer. I'm not sure where I heard that, but it may be worth checking out.
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It's cool to see people be able to think a ski-patrol and then see someone on that ski-patrol be able to actually see that and get it to others.

Makes it seem much more like a community.

To the OP, hope your daughter is doing well. I'm sure the lessons would be good, they helped me a ton and skiing is of course very worthwhile at least to me.

Good luck!
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hey bob ... I can confirm that ski patrollers like beer, and I can certainly confirm that the aforementioned winter park patrollers like beer

Play - hope your daughter is feeling better and back out skiing
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