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Best Conditions in the West

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My brother-in-law is coming from South America and wants to chase snow. Where are the best conditions in the West today?
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I-70 Loveland to Vail.
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^ x2. Only place to go at this time in the west. Hopefully the flakes will fly soon.
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Utah's also looking good with Snowbird at 75% open.
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Steamboat looks pretty good right now.
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banff area

Has anyone checked out the conditions there. Otherwise it looks like Steamboat is our best bet.
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check the Snowbird trip report out.
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Alta is pretty good now by several eyewitness reports. I know from personal experience that Snowbird needs ~50 inches of base to avoid rock issues in many places. The rest of Utah is still sketchy.

But coming from South America, I'd agree with the Loveland-to-Vail suggestion (and Steamboat is within range of that) for the most variety now.
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Based on each mountain's own snow report and the forecasts, it looks like Revelstoke is in the lead as our first choice but we'll wait another week or so to decide.

We want to be skiing by Tuesday or Wednesday
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I just checked Steamboat's webcam and it's dumping!
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Snowmass got 17" last night. The Aspen area's will be opening up a lot of terrain by this weekend. It will be a lot less crowded than the front range.
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In Steamboat's webcam it's still snowing. but when i go to NOAA website, they say it's fair.

Yesterday was the same thing... where do they collect the weather data in steamboat? It doesn't seen very real...
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