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clinics in Utah

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Heading to Solitude, Alta, Snowbird, Brighton this Thursday. Does anyone know of any ski clinics or recommend a good instructor for an advanced skiier.
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Alta: Andrzej "Andre" Nieminski teaches level 8 afternoon lessons. I don't know if he is the regular level 8 instructor in the afternoon but I've had him on two seperate trips and lessons at Alta. The first time was a steeps lesson and the second was a powder lesson. He is very good and knows the mountain. You will probably ski mainly Wildcat Face, West Rustler and end up on High Rustler. All off-piste, in the trees, and steeps, nothing too crazy. I know he is available in the mornings for privates and tours of the mountain.
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While you probably won't go wrong anywhere there, here's my suggestion: Go to Brighton, ask to speak with Mary (Ski School Director), Chris (Assistant Director), or Carolyn (Ski School training director). Tell them you're part of EpicSki, and I'll be they'll set you up very well!

Brighton is where we held the first EpicSki Academy, just over a month ago. It turned out to be an excellent ski area, with a great variety of terrain. While there wasn't as much snow then as now, they still had some very good skiing. It must be great now. And they treated us very well there.

At Snowbird, ask for Maggie Loring, another occasional EpicSki poster, and the highly respected director of the Snowbird Ski School. Tell her EpicSki sent you, and I'll bet you get great treatment!

You didn't mention Deer Valley, but regular EpicSki contributor and EpicSki Academy coach "Ydnar" works there as an instructor and trainer.

Have fun!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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At Snowbird, I'd highly recommend Joey Stoeger. He was my coach during the steeps camp and is an incredible skier and a fantastic coach.
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Deer Valley again - but Brett Plumridge 'rover' - on privates there... he is an Oz examiner...
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Any of the afternoon clinics or if you are very advanced try the black diamond challange (level 9 but more tour with tips rather than a class). Afternoons they have level 7-8 bumps and off piste clinics.

Scott Mathers If you can get him, (usually booked months in advance) Mark Quaintaince is good too.
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