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Tuning really old skis

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I was hoping to get a feel for ski tuning by playing around with some old Fischer's that my dad used to use. However, they have a groove down the middle and I'm not really sure what to do with it. Are there scrapers that have a notch in the middle to clean out the groove or what. I want to practice, but I don't want to screw up the skis in the process as it is fun to go out on them every now and again. Any thoughts?

PS I can throw up a picture but I'm hoping some of the older forum members might know what I'm talking about.
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I think there used to be scrapers like that. My scraper from that time is a triangular plastic one with the corners shaped to scrape different shaped grooves. A butter knife ought to do the job, anyway. I still ski on some oldies like that once in a while. It's no big deal to tune them.
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If the wax is a soft wax, it will disappear from the groove anyway.

Swix and Toko still make groove scrapers, you'll find them in nordic ski shops:

With a rasp and some sandpaper, you can also shape a piece of wood to fit the groove.

Good luck, enjoy!
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Don't worry about it too much. Wax goes away quicker than you think.
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I used to simply turn my scraper on edge to get wax out of that center channel. Most of my scrapers are about 1/4" thick, which is close to the width of the channel on the old Kastle's I had.
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No it doesn't. Get a scraper like the ones shown above, or cut up a piece of plastic to fit.

And don't think you can clean out the wax from that groove with an electric rotobrush.
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Scrape the groove first, so that when the scraper pops out you don't gouge the unprotected base. XC skis still have groove, and as Comprex said, the shops have the scrapers. You get a free one with a tube of klister.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

My old scraper is a Toko that looks sorta like that one, but is an actual triangle instead of a short trapezoid.
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But should I wax first or sharpen my edges first?

I sharpen the edges then wax then scrape. Those hanging burs and my carelessness with the iron is scratching it up.
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Edge work always before waxing.
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Thanks for the info!
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For cleaning the groove out you can use a P-tex rod that you have rounded the edge with a razor knife and a bit of sandpaper.
It works well and it won't damage the base should it slip.
I have one that I made over fifteen years ago in my wax box should I ever need it.
This tip courtesy of Seth Masia's ski tuning book written eons ago.

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You can also file down one of the top corners of your scraper until it's the right width. Back when most skis had grooves, all the scrapers came that way.
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