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Wide Ski Bindings

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Might it be useful to build a list? Searching for this info takes a bit of work. Is the right way to think about it... one list for folks under say 175 lbs. and another for folks who weigh more? And I'm thinking 90 mm waists and up? Perhaps nominate a binding and say why (looking at the Jester vs. Griffon plastic vs. metal debate made me think about this)?
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"Look"-ing at this too

What I've heard is that the Jester is very solid, worth the price for stability on edge. Look's have their devotees because of the release mechanism.

But anyway, how important this is probably depends on your riskiness as a skier and what conditions you ski in etc. I usually ski the fatties on steeper deeper terrain (makes sense) so I want a more bomber binding.

I'm leaning towards the Jester for my fatties and a look for my midfats. Griffon would probably be fine with the plastic heel piece but I'm kind of tall and heavy in skier terms (6-2 190) so probably going to spend the extra 70 bucks for all metal ...
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All-metal, adjustable-toe, 16-din goodness. Solly 916s for me.
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