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I was just wondering... as I sit here in my half-drunken stupor... What makes a terrain park safe? Bigger? or Smaller?

Management's decision here is to chop the SIZE of the hits in Half! I disagree. I believe the hits are too small to be safe as it is. Only 4 feet per table-top. Most skis are 4 feet long!!!! No time to leave the hit in balance!

Who out here has had experience (as I have) designing parks and hits? Is smaller actualy better? Why? Because I DISAGREE whole-heartedly! I just would like some input.


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offer a variety.
somrthing for the novices.
some biguns for the experts.
do they require helmets?
at BW, the terrain park is rated as 'black'
only, a skiier that has the advanced 'black' sticker may ski the park pipe. or whatever that stuff they shovel up with the cat is...

Heh-heh drunkn stupr mee too...
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