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Mounting Bindings

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I just bought a pair of Salomon 1080 Foils, 06/07, (the white skis with red and blue writing on them) 182cm.

They came with bindings, but I have to get them mounted. I am going to Japan next month to ski the powdery backcountry of Hokkaido, so I want the bindings mounted so that I can ski powder. The problem is that I'm in Korea where there is no powder, so I'm sure the tech at the ski shop will just mount them in the center. Any suggestions on where exactly I can tell him to mount them on the ski that will benefit the powder skiing? thanks!
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Not sure what marks are on those Foils, but my wife's white/grey killer whale Foils had a regular (rear) mark. Just tell the man to mount the bindings there. He shouldn't centre mount them without checking with you anyway - centre mounting is the exception rather than the rule, except maybe on symmetric twins.
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I don't know that the red/white Foils have two marks. I don't think mine did. I mounted mine 1-2cm behind the line that is on the skis, which is the "modern" point. That should give you enough tip and tail to work with. Have fun in Japan. I can't wait until I get out of school to go there. I loved the Warren Miller segments in Japan in the last 2 films.
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For that type of ski (most for that matter) you would mount the binding in the same place for skiing hard pack, powder, and everything in between. If you plan to spend most of your time in the park (outside of your Japan trip) it might be a good idea to center-mount the skis, otherwise, I would recommend a traditional mounting point.
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