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Yes, I was, and I think most of us were at times!

I drove so wildly that friends would stay at school over the holidays instead of catching a free ride home with me. (I did not know this until later) I argued about the Vietnam war with veterans and dorm rules with school officials, who also happened to be family friends, using language you don't even hear on TV today. I said hurtful things to both my parents.
Somebody should have jerked a knot in me when I was 18 and knew it all but I survived because about 99% of the time I was an OK kid. Like most young adults I grew up and moved on to become a productive citizen.
At age 61 I see things that bother me. The world is harder, dirtier and more crass than it was in the 60's. Language is awful. Kids grow up too quickly. Everything comes at us too fast and unfiltered.
Too many kids have too little parental supervision when they're young. Too many one parent homes. Too many latch key kids. It 's not the kids fault and not the school's fault. It's the parent's fault and a society that has not come to grips with the huge problems caused by kids birthing kids.
I started a family late so my kids are 21 and 17 and see them and their friends do things I prefer that they didn't do but overall they are at least as friendly, courteous and mannerly as I and my friends were 40 years ago.
Like most kids their age they frequently think the world revolves around them. That's neither good nor bad it's just a function of age and life experience. With our help they will get over it.
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I think, Steve, that you hit it right on the nose.

Most of us were idiots, but most of us grew out of it. Kids today are also idiots, but (often) more so because there is more pressure and influence out there these days; it is up to us, as parents, to step-up to those levels and provide proper guidance. Without that guidance, our progeny is doomed.

I'm 40, kids are 4 and 6; I am prepared for them to screw-up, and in many situations, it's OK to let them (disclaimer goes here; no deaths, destruction, etc., nobody lost a limb...); the key is being there, as a parent and not a buddy, to teach them and guide them, and to explain why their actions were unwise. That's what my parents did, and here I am with a family of my own.
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Speaking as a middle aged guy with small kids, I'll have to agree with Chaos here. Yes, like very generation of males, we were testosterone driven exhibitionists in the 70's, and yes, like every generation we felt uniquely empowered to detect BS and broadband our coolness.

That said, though, it's gotten more in-your-face, with less sense of context or restraint. And Chaos is right on about the cause: We are a youth-worshiping, youth-seeking culture that has been encouraged to remain adolescent as long as our plastic surgeons will allow. Our kids grow up in households that structure all their decisions around the needs of the kids or the needs of the parents to act like kids. They soak up the ads and TV shows that tell kids pretty clearly how much cleverer and more aware they are than adults, and how to slide around parental prohibitions. Elkind and others have written about how kids are encouraged to "grow up" (meaning behavioral independence from parents) way before puberty. So yep, a narcissistic culture breeds kids who are narcissistic... on the slopes or off.
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Originally Posted by beyond View Post
We are a youth-worshiping, youth-seeking culture that has been encouraged to remain adolescent as long as our plastic surgeons will allow.
This isn't anything new. How long have men been wearing fake hair? How long have women been wearing girdles or corsets? They have ever since way back when it was actually cooler for younger folks to try to look old.
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
This guy rocks! Check out his "I will defend my honor and the honor of my wench" look.
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Originally Posted by Strato View Post
During the early-season crush at A-Basin, the hill was heavily weighted toward 20'ish dudes - many converging on the terrain park.

A lot of the kids were great - fun to ride lifts with, imbued with youthful plans and energy. Some were hanging in Summit for the year, others starting their careers. A pleasant vibe.

But, a surprising number struck me as obnoxious, obscene and loud.

My wife suggests our generation (60's and 70's) was equally impudent. I remember smoking pot, and being irreverent. But, not with such an abrasive edge.

Could be the pot fogged my recall.

Can't figure if I just have selectively kind memories of my own youth, and kids were always raw. Or, if things have changed.
It's all to scale
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seems the thread wanders. about skiing behavior then and now, I'd say my friends and I did the following, a lot: horse around in line, pushing and shoving each other and hollering. skiing fast in a pack, shussing everything in a group of 4-6 guys (we raced on a team), terrorizing people by skiing within inches of them (never hit a soul), and being entertained if they were pissed. we wore levis with duct tape to tighten them up a bit. just stuff. but we did fill out sitzmarks and once caught (by patrol or an adult) we took our punishment with some humility.
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post
seems the thread wanders. about skiing behavior then and now, I'd say my friends and I did the following, a lot: horse around in line, pushing and shoving each other
I remember asking newbies .. "how close do you keep your skis together"? Gaper almost always puts boot insoles together-cause that was cool skiing back then. Jerk (me) pushes gaper over. It was even better if you could avalanche 3 or 4 gapers in the lift line. How bout flipping snow from your tips all over everyone? How bout swinging the chairs, smacking the lift towers with your poles, especially if they have ads on them. Clicking your skis together to dump snow on people skiing under you. Blind Fence jumps! Amazing what stupidity entertains 12 year olds. Then, skiing off piste to take a leak and burn one age 13 -33 ish, I've seen the same from today's kids, just different variations on the same old tricks
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"The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for
authority, they show disrespect to their elders.... They no longer
rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents,
chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their
legs, and are tyrants over their teachers."
--Attributed to Socrates

"The world is passing through troublous times. The young people of
today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for
parents or old age. They are impatient of all restraint. They talk as
if they knew everything, and what passes for wisdom with us is
foolishness with them. As for the girls, they are forward, immodest
and unladylike in speech, behavior and dress."
--Attributed to 'Peter The Hermit', 1274 AD

Obviously, this is hardly a new phenomenon.

At 27, I'm younger than the "old people", but old enough to get annoyed myself at the 15-year-olds who have bad taste in music and ski/snowboard like idiots. I find it hard to say whether the "kids" today (which may well include me!) are that much less respectful than my parents' generation. There are plenty of idiotic adults out there, too -- where do you think the kids are learning it from?

I would agree with the sentiment that you actually need to earn the respect of the younger generation(s). In a work environment, a fancy title and being around longer than them may force them to do what you tell them, but it's not going to impress them. At all. If you do earn their respect, you may find them to be incredibly loyal and resourceful. But if you don't seem competent and worth listening to, they won't listen to you very long unless they have no other choice.

I don't really buy a direct correlation between income and having well- or poorly-behaved kids. I went to a pricey private college, and there were plenty of great people along with some real jerks. Bad parenting is bad parenting, whether you have a private nanny or not.
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Society in crisis. Children of baby boomers are slightly more self involved than their parents used to be and have access to better drugs.

This thread is priceless. I am not surprised by the number of baby boomers swilling sour grapes over the narcissim of younger generations. But it is pretty funny.

My take is that there are good people and jerks just about everywhere. I don't think it is any better or worse than 15 years ago when I was a freshman in HS.
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I think my wifes parents are nuts. All they do is complain about everything and have alot of wierd ideas. There just not with it. :-)
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Originally Posted by djl View Post
Quoted for wing-nuttery of the highest order.

I, for one, Chaos, am extremely saddened to hear that you feel castrated and unable to beat the snot out of your children because your woman is out making a living and not in the kitchen baking you pie.
Nice one, DJL!
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