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Atomic Hawx - the bane of bootfitters?

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Hi guys, so I got my new Hawx 110's from Matt (jdistefa) yesterday, and I wanted to get them worked on today. Brought them to Snowcovers, which usually handles my boots and ski needs quite well, and they agreed that the boots needed a bit of work on the sixth toe area, and inner ankle area on the right foot. However, they refused to work on the Hawx at all, as they were 100% certain that the boots would split if they even tried to punch it out in that area, "due to the cheap plastics." I declined to get a second opinion, as neither of my preferred bootfitters were in today, and decided to bring them to either Destination Ski or Swiss Sport Haus, both of which have been recommended on these forums.

First stop was Destination Ski. I was directed to Andrew, a bootfitter there, and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He got me to seat my foot properly inside the boot (heel all the way back) to help minimize the sixth-toe space issue, and agreed to try and do the best he could on the boot-punching request. However, he too had this sort-of dislike for Atomic boots. When I asked why, he said that they were hard to fit, and hard to work on. He also expressed concern at working on the Hawx's flex-zone, as he was afraid that they were a weak point for the boot.

I didn't go to Sport Haus, as Andrew had the boots, but they also seemed a tad apprehensive of Atomic boots on the phone when I contacted them.

Is this reputation for Atomics truly deserved? Will I have a lot of trouble getting my Hawxs adjusted to fit? Or is it just the opinion of a couple of bootfitters who may not know all they claim to know? Should I go see another shop, somewhere?

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it's new, they haven't worked on that new design, so it is a worry.

I have not worked on them either, so it would concern me too.

It SHOULD be fine, (unlike any boot company to make an un-punchable boot) but if I screw up a boot, I have to replace it, and if I dont sell atomic that is a PITA to replace.

for the $50 of work, it is not worth the hassle and $500 to replace.

just my $.02 worth

PM L7, he knows both atomic, and boot fitting
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We 'dry' and hot punched a bunch of Hawx at the factory and it is amazing how much abuse it requires to delaminate the flex zone plastics.

I wouldn't worry about doing a gentle punch in the 6th toe area. Use moderate heat, allow for some heat sink/soak and avoid letting a gorilla use the boot press.

To answer your question, I don't think the 'reputation' is deserved. It sounds like you're dealing with people that just don't have enough experience (or skills) with this product.

I would suggest having Jay Taylor at Snowcovers do the work. Also, before punching the 6th toe, you should make sure that your footbed is properly constructed and posted. If in any doubt, have someone competent (? certified) assess your foot.

PM me if you have any more questions. Enjoy the boots!
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+1 what Matt says, it is easy to work with if you have the skills, i have a picture of an 8mm bunion punch i did on one,if i can find it i will post it....there is zero damage to the material
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Thanks for the replies guys, I'll come back and let you know what's happened after I pick up my boots on the tenth.
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