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Igloo building demo

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I'm thinking that there may be a few people in the Fort/Steamboat area that might be interested in checking out an igloo building demo.
We will once again be building an igloo at Jax's http://www.jaxoutdoor.com Snowshoe Demo on Sat. Jan. 3rd 2009. The Demo is at the Moose Visitor's Center on Hwy #14 and just east of the town of Gould, Colorado. The event begins at 10:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm. Last season an ICEBOX owner showed up and we ended up building two igloos. The owner commented that he learned more than he would have in years of learning on his own.
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Let me know if you come to the Tetons.
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Ed has done a winter tour or two up in Yellowstone. Ed, got any pictures?? Maybe you could talk him into doing a demo if he does another trip up there.

I bought my Icebox with the idea of building an igloo in basin for a home base while backcountry skiing. Something I could return to a few weeks in a row whenever the snow is good. These things are nice a warm and quiet. Better than a snow cave because of the catenary shape. Less work overall than a quinzee though more than covered trench.
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Igloo or snow cave? I find building a snow cave is much quicker for when SHTF in the BC.
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I wish I could make it, I'm planning on spending a couple of months in a snow shelter and I'm planning on picking up an ICEBOX and using that instead of a quinze or snow cave, although I agree that's it's faster and simpler to dig in when SHTF.

any chance that you'll do another demo in CO near Summit County or in the front range?
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