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The snowmaking at Sugarloaf is an awesome, awesome system. This year alone they have expanded the system by 44percent.

The 'loaf has recieved 27" of natural snow and today they are skiing on 76 trails.

2,850' of vertical available to rip. Top to bottom.

It blows my mind to think how far snowmaking has come since the old days.

It is Boynes goal to have Sugarloaf 100% open by Christmas.......Every year!!!!!

Un-real. And word on the street is that the skiing is fantastic.

Wow!! Technology that works!!
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Snowfields... open?
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If they are skiing with 2850' of vertical something is open from the top, maybe tote rd ext or narrow guage ext. That sure is alot of trails for Dec 5th way to go LOAF
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What are the chances they'll get snowfields open by Xmas? At this rate they might...
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Timberline is open from the top, my favorite green run at the loaf.

It wouldn't surprise me if they have White Nitro Ext. open by Christmas. Narrow Gauge Ext. would be a good bet, as well.
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91 Trails!
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Just came back from skiing there and the coverage was very good. We skiied from the top starting on Friday and they have been blowing an insane amount of snow since then (Thursday was a warmer day so the guns weren't going full tilt). From what I understood, Sunday they were recording 91 trails open so I'd imagine having it 100% open by Xmas would be a very strong possibility.
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I love the Loaf and Boyne has done a awesome job with the new snowmaking equipment. I just hope they don't get the warm weather and rain on Wednesday and Thursday. It is supposed to be in the 50's those days.
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i had a lot of fun there this past weekend too. snow was pretty nice and they had a ton open. the manmade stuff was nice and soft.
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Sugarloaf is online to get 15" to 20" tonight.

Saturday will be my first day out, so, I guess it's shaping up to be a good opener for me.

Cool. (smile)
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Well, the 12" to 18" inches turned out to be 4 inches of slop.

Not good right now. Lots of rain.

I always check more than one weather report. It became apparent last night at about 6pm that the storm would NOT produce the new snow that was previously forecast. The thing is, Sugarloaf didn't change the mountain forecast.They ducked that one!!!

Never trust a mountain New England!!!!

Maybe the next storm will bring 15"?? Or more!!
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