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eeek, I am in a pickle

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Ant- I sent you a p.m. this morning. I'm off today and will call Eldora in an hour or so and let you know what they say. We'll not fail a fellow Bear!
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eeek, I am in a pickle

I am getting the nasty notion that I have missed the boat this year for a US working visa! I know that last year, my resort didn't even put in our applications until the end of September, but now that I'm trying to arrange my next US instructing job, it appears that no one is home, the boat has sailed.

This is a horrible prospect; after working so hard last season to get my level II, it is really hard to contemplate not being able to use it and progress. I'm really enjoying instructing here in Australia this year, and to have to suddenly stop is depressing as hell.

Does anyone know what is going on with foreigners this year? I need a job! Help, anybody?!
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I spoke to the Assistant SSD this evening. She has your e-mail address and will give it to the HR folks in the a.m.

In the meantime maybe Robin will see this and offer any advice about the application process at Eldora.

Send me a p.m. if you have not heard from someone in a day or two and I'll keep trying. I attempted to call Robin today and had no luck reaching him. I'm sure he's wrapped up with his new situation
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Contact kerry lawson at Vail

she's the hr person who works with the ski school.
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Thanks! I'll try Vail. Rusty, Eldora did email me back, but they don't do H2B visas. H2Bs are short-term skilled worker visas, which are applied-for by the employer.
The other sort are J1s, which are for kids who are enrolled in fulltime study. I'm too old! and there's some kind of limit on them, too, you can only do J1s a limited number of times.

This is really depressing, Copper have finalised their visas some time ago, and I've a horrible feeling that all the resorts have done the same, as the rules changed this year. It's a bit scary, suddenly having your plans overturned like this.
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Not good news Ant.
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What a bunch of crapola.

This is what's wrong with this country - people come and go as they want.
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Have you looked into teaching in Canada or Europe? I know that you are certified level II in PSIA, and that you probably don't want to start over in another system, but maybe you could teach somewhere else for a season and then come back next year.
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Yeah, that's the fallback plan, as Canada is a bit more sensible about foreign workers. I tried Vail, but it looks like the bigger resorts did their visas in June, or maybe only the Colorado ones? Anyway. DV are about to do their last ones in a few days. The boss has a couple of contacts at smaller resorts on the Western coast of the US that might still be open, and I'm trying a few others that people have suggested to me (people from this forum and the PSIA one) in the hope of snagging something. We have a sister hill in Canada, and apparently I can get their pretty easily on an exchange. I investigated Whistler, but you seem to need a Canadian working visa of your own, and they go like hot cakes, can only be used once, and I think there's an age limit on them.

So I'm not quite as depressed as I was, but probly will be when a few more doors shut in my face! We are having our first decent snowfall in about 3 weeks too, which raises the spirits.
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There is a resort called Sierra Summit about 65 miles northeast of Fresno California. It's a very nice resort with 1500 feet of verticle and 600 acres, but it is a victim of it's geography

If you live in the San Francisco area or north it's just as easy to go to Tahoe, and if you live in LA or south, it's almost as easy to drive to Mammoth. And Big Bear also hems them in to the north. As a result most of the skiers who go there are from a fifty mile radius of Fresno to the north and west, and maybe a hundred miles to the south.

When I learned to ski there in 1995, most of the instructors were Austrailians. I haven't kept up with the situation there. They could be getting instructors from somewhere else now, or They may already have processed the visas, but it's something you could check on.

they have a web site,

Good luck.
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Thanks! that might be one of the ones the boss knows about. I've tried the other one, no word yet. If the workers are young, they are often on J1 visas. You'll only see them once on those.
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Sierra Summit is a great place to ski. Great fall line terrain.
I used to go there because it was dirt cheap to stay and ski there. But they raised their prices too much for me to drive that far (might as well go to Mammoth). Really nice lake view, too.
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Originally posted by ant:
If the workers are young, they are often on J1 visas. You'll only see them once on those.
Not true ant, as you are incorrect in your belief that there is a limit to the number of times someone can go to the USA on a J1. There is no limit - you just have to be a full time tertiary student (or deferred F/T tertiary student).

Also there is no mention of an upper age limit in any of the info on eligibilty requirements - they stipulate you need to be 18 & over
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Try Bear Valley in Calif. Mike Young, the SSD, is always looking for good staff! Sorry I don't have the email add right now, but it should be easy to find.
I know he hires quite a few Aussies and Kiwis each season. Housing isn't too tough, and it's a great mountain to ski!
Just over 2000' vert, with really good steeps, great back country, with a small town feel.

And don't give up on Kerry Lawson in Vail(she's also an Aussie...) Many times visa's are applied for, then the employee backs out for some reason or another. It be great to have another Bear on our staff!

Good Luck!!!
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