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What is going on???

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I don't understand it at all. Vail: 25% open. Beaver Creek: 36% open. Breck: 35% open. Keystone: 5 frickin' percent! WHY?? I am going there over christmas and it appears that they absolutely refuse to open neew terrain despite the fact that they have gotten 19" in the last week. They started the year open 3% and it has taken them all the time since then to open a whopping 2% more of their terrain. I don't get it at all. I am afraid that my vacation will be a big disappiontment due to lack of terrain open. Anyone know why they are dragging their feet so much and refusing to open terrain? I'm sorry but I have to vent, and this has got me seriously concerned.
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I believe they are opening more this weekend.

However, I have wondered if the economy problems have made Vail Ski Resorts more conservative in their early season approach. There is so much uncertainty in the market, that even good snow may not be compelling enough for many families to justify spending $4000+ on a five day vacation this year. If that is the perceived mentality, then Vail would be foolish to fully staff its slopes for a few hardcores and locals.

Just a thought.
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I would like to think Keystone will have more terrain open this weekend, but I can't imagine they will be jumping to the levels that Breck and Vail are currently at. They have lagged behind the other resorts in total snowfall slightly this winter.

We were up there this past weekend through Monday and were echoing your concerns as we drove by on the way to ABasin. For some reason it just doesn't even look like they have the cover that some of the other resorts have. We were in waist deep at ABasin, but I can't imagine that could have been found anywhere at Keystone.

I wouldn't worry too much though. They got hit hard this week. Worst comes to worst drive or take the summit county bus over to Breck if Keystone can't get more terrain open. Its only a 15 minute drive.
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The Summit Daily News says they are opening North Peak and The Outback this weekend.
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Keystone had the edge until just before Thanksgiving because they had the longest run open, the new Gondola made the ride up quick and comfortable. The Montezuma chair then relieved traffic at the base. On the other hand, Breck was crowded, the runs were short and the conditions were icy. A-Baisn was 90% boarders and inebriated. Keystone lost its edge when the snow god blessed everyone, but them. Oh well, I think they will open some good terrain this weekend. A lot of people (myself included) like Keystone better than the other Vail Resorts (back bowls not included in that statement).

BTW, Loveland has AMAZING conditions!
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