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Nowhere to put this but the Humour forum, so here goes:

End of the season last year I snagged a free Shorty's snowboard off of Craigslist from a girl in Connecticut. Definitely an oldy-moldy board, but hey, it was free! Gave it to my SO so that we could hit the slopes together (she's on her third lesson now and almost ready to join me at the top of the mountain!) The bindings were Technine BASELESS bindings. Baseless bindings are to snowboarding what old, non-releasing Marker bindings are to skiing, say my snowboarder friends. Here's a pic:

After replacing the bindings with a nice, cheap pair of Burtons from Whisky Militia, I put the Technines up on Craigslist for $5 with the title "Technine Baseless Snowboard Bindings-Relive the 90s for Gaper Day!"

I get a response rather quickly from a guy who says he has an old Nitro board he'd love to mount these to, so the next day I meet up with him. And it couldn't be more perfect.

The dude is about 30 years old, 6'3" or so, about 225lb maybe. Just starting to lose his hair, but a pretty normal looking, nice guy. The best part, though, was that he was already dressed like a gaper!

Starter(TM) jacket (Cowboys, if I remember correctly...I was trying really hard to bite the insides of my cheeks and not laugh), WITH A LIFT TICKET on the zipper, zipped all the way up. Orange Turtle Fur headband, and ripped jeans.

I was so happy I found such a perfect match for these old suckers. Not that funny as most of the jokes posted here, but amusing to me, anyways! The guy said his wife was going to kill him for buying the bindings...she had been trying to get rid of the Nitro for some time now. My sincerest apologies, gaper's wife!