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Chestnut dec 13

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Anyone else going to be there? I know Elan and Salomon will be there doing a consumer demo. I am heading out of the Chicago area friday afternoon and hope to ski a bit on friday night. Look for a guy in a blue plaid camo DNA coat, gold helmet (looks alike a Miller High Life can ) and pink googles. Yes I know it's a wierd sounding outfit.
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I'm gonna try, but business has picked up to the point I don't even have 5 minutes off!
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RoboGeek, you should hook up with Jdoyal!!!
you need boots and he's a quality boot guy!

Jdoyal, sell this man some boots!!!!
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If i go, just look for the man on his butt, screaming as he heads for the only tree on the bunny hill!

My parts shipment is all messed up.. I'm losing another dollar days day now. I may blow off the PD and go wed..

Trek is right.. i need boot help
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If you end up going and can't find me, ask Mason or Ray at the Elan tent to point me out. I would be more than happy to talk boots with you.
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very cool, i planned for Dec 5th because 7 bucks is 7 bucks but it fell apart. I've planned friday afternoon, might stay into the evening just to see the helmet and pink googles.

look for an aging heavy guy in red/blk columbia coat, gray helmet.
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I should be there I hope by 8 pm on the 12th. I will most likely be doing a few runs with the ed. staff guys, but if you see me come say hi.
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I'll be there with my 7yo son on Fri. 12/12 and maybe Sat. 12/13. We'll probably hit the slopes Fri. between 3-4pm and will hopefully ski until around dinner time. My son will be wearing a red and black ski jacket with black pants, a silver helmet and silver Fischer RX-J skis. I'll be in a black soft shell jacket with black pants and a silver helmet skiing on Fischer RX-8 skis. We're Asian so will likely be easy to identify.
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I was planning on heading up there with my daughter but we've got Christmas with the out, I mean In laws this weekend.
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I don't know how I did it.. but I slipped a disk walking on level ground! I popped it back in and x-rays show minimal swelling.
I'm resting this weekend and starting to stretch and get back to a normal workout

I missed all my early season stuff so i may just stay up there for a few days. If i do - party at my place!! lol
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Hope you heal up well, RoboGeek!
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It feels ok now, but I lost a lot of mobility twisting and bending, so I'm working on that now.
I did get some turns in on our local golf course just to make sure everything works. And with another 3 inches coming tomorrow I may do it again. Thats lots of fun when its -6°
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