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Does anyone know if any of the shops in Snowmass(preferably)  or Aspen demo the 82Ti?  Thanks

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The 78ti is basically the same layup as the 82ti, but as there is less ski, it feels softer and slightly less ski.  Still a good ski for a solid level 7/8 skier, really just the evolution of the 666/magfire 12 from 2-4 seasons ago.  The 82ti is probably 1/2 step up in terms of performance/stability, but slower edge-to-edge than the 78, not quite as quick on hardpack. What I chose would depend on where I was skiing.


I have these on closeout right now (82ti $495, 78ti $415) but selection is limited.

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I am 5'10" and 160 lbs so the XTi was never really under consideration. I will be doing most of my skiing on the East Coast and after much information gathering (thanks for everyone's input) I purchased the Magfire 78 Ti. I thought that the slightly softer flex of the 78 Ti would be a little more all purpose for me than the 82 Ti and thought it still had enough performance where I wouldn't regret not going w/ the 82 Ti. Special thanks to Dawg for spending the time to break down the pro's and con's and helping me figure out what I wanted. It was like talking to a Ski-buyer's shrink. The price was right too. (Now it is on to boots) As soon as I can get out on them I'll let you know how I like them.

Thanks again.

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So what size did you get of the Magfire xti?

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Terrible news; the 82ti does not return for next year: apparently, Elan felt there was too much overlap, and is only bringing in the 82Xti for next year.  This is really a shame: you have to be pretty big to enjoy the 82Xti (or just not ski bumps) but the 82ti holds up as well under the best skiers (unless you are above 200lbs) but it has more energy. I am going to miss that ski: it was our best seller this year and all of us shop guys loved it.


Better news; the Speedwave 12 and 14 are back next year, but with a redesigned 72mm waist.  Should be fun!   

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That's too bad, I own an 82 ti myself and wouldn't go for the 82xti... I hope Elan realize how popular the 82 ti really is and discontinuing it would be a mistake.

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Dawg, any feedback on this year's 82Xti? From Expertskier's review it would seem to have been softened up from last year's Xti, more like the 82ti. They loved it. BTW, I picked up a pair of last year's 78ti demos in a 176 and have been delighted with them. I am 6'1", 175, 62 years old, level 8 or so. I am usually on longer skis, but have found these very versitle on the groomers and light chop: quick but reasonably stable. They are very easy on these old legs! One nice little extra benefit of the Waveflex top is that snow doesn't build up on the tops!

Thanks for all you helpful reviews. LewBob
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 Dawg has a review on them over here:

They are indeed quite a bit softer and he liked them a lot.
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Thanks, Found it. Lew
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