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What to do

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Got back into skiing last year and demo'd some of these new fangled skis, with no goal other than trying different skis. All demo'd in one day on a Michigan slope with an 8 year old as my partner.

I demo'd;
Nordica Dobermann SL
Elan Magfire
K2 Crossfire
Nordica HotRod Top Fuel
Dynastar Contact 8

I either started with the Crossfire or Magfire and was immediately unimpressed with the shaped ski propaganda of friends. I felt the skis were out of control until I got in a little fluff or crud and almost ran back to my 4S.

HotRod Top Fuel responded better, but I was exhausted after only one run.

Contact - from what i remembered felt ok, but not worth turning in my old trusty, rusty 4S.

Dobermann SL 170 - I was in love with the response and it was so effortless doing my turns. I can't express enough how I love-love-loved the feel of the turns and I felt the skis improved my ability and enjoyment.

Most of my skiing with these skis are going to be in Michigan with 30% of my time chasing an 8 year old and the remainder of my time looking for steep runs for lots of short and med turns.

I would love to buy a new pair of Dobs, since they were perfect the entire day with and without the kid. But the finances can't cut it.

What other skis would people recommend as being similar in feel to the Dobermann SL? I'm 6', 165lbs 'aggressively' skiing Michigan groomers with short & medium turns.

I'll miss the nostalgic conversation brought on by my 4S on the chairlift with strangers, but I can always bring them back out one or two times in the season.

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Well i went looking for a deal on the Doberman SL for ya, expecting to come in like Mr. Smart Guy. It didn't work so well.

My advice is to keep demoing, keep an eye on deals and see if anyone on here has anything for sale.

I'm sure others can provide better advice.
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TAKE A LESSON. You need to learn the new movement patterns.

Demo a pair and tell the ski school what your doing. Hopefully they will put you with a good instructor.

Where do you ski, may be one of us can tell you where to go...meant that in a goood way. lol
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I've been considering the lessons to cleanup some bad habits and get me on the right track.

But I don't understand why I would do it so I can ski a Crossfire, Magfire, Contact, Hot Rod, ect. better. When I know a Nord Dob SL (or similar ski) will ski with or without my updated technique. =)

I do appreciate instructor suggestions; Crystal, Boyne, Highlands, Nubs and I'm not sensitive to being told where to go.

I saw the RC4 in the classfieds and the RX8 - both caught my interest but then I thought I might want some additional suggestions.

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Hey, I ski the RC4 and a buddy of mine used to ski the R8. I have skied Nubs and Boyne several times on the RC4 and they work good. I have used the R8 and they are great as well. They still retain that slalom type sidecut and turn but may be a little more versatile than a pure race ski in some of the more natural conditions you sometimes experience up there. In general for making short to med turns on harder slopes you can't go wrong with a Slalom type ski.
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