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Junior Race Boot Help Needed

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My 13 yr old has a pair of Atomic jr race boots. His coach says that they are too stiff for his (light) weight and should be worked on to allow him to get forward.

One suggestion, which I have seen before, is to cut a notch the rear of the inner shell.

A boot fitter in Quebec did not agree with this approach and suggested cutting the both sides of the inner shell, following the contour of the shell, but removing approx 1" of material.

Any thoughts before we commence surgery?
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Your guy in Quebec is on the right track. IMO we ususally start with "saddle cuts" on on each side of the lower. You can work in increments of 5mm at a time until you get were the boot moves well.

The usual stuff like proper shell size/shell shape for the foot, compatible matching of under the foot support (accomodative footbed ), shell properly buckled, velcro or booster snug to lower leg, ramp angle of boot board, FL wedge in or out, etc, should all be looked at before you start to do irreversible surgery.

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^^^^^ +1
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+1 re. the above.

Keep in mind that "getting forward" may also have nothing to do with the stiffness of the boot (it rarely does IMO). The ramp and/or ramp/binding delta combination may be wrong. Or, it may be a foot/ankle problem (ROM, alignment). Or, it may be technique/motor skills . Often it's a combination of all these things. Don't be surprised if softening the boot isn't the complete fix.

Lastly, some 13 year old boys are starting their growth spurt with the associated lack of coordination and fine motor skills.
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Agree with Matt. it definitely is possible the boot is too stiff. But to assume that because he can't stay forward there is a boot stiffness problem is wrong. Matt mentioned all the balance alignment issues and I would throw in binding position. Bindings more than just a cm or two behind ball of foot/centre of running surface make it very difficult to stay forward.

Atomic is often too far back.

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