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I'm back, it's on

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I missed out on opening weekend, which really put me in a foul mood. But I took a day off Wednesday, the first sunny day of the season. I'll have a proper trip report with photos a little later, but just thought I'd check back in first.

It snowed a meter and a half over the weekend, and the top of the mountain was totally off limits. But I got some great powder--didn't even have time to get a warmup run onpiste--lower on the mountain.

Half the lower mountain remained closed even though the runs were groomed, which made it easy to skin up and enjoy the bowls and trees that usually get skied out in one chair rotation. I had it all to myself, all afternoon.

So I'm back, and it is most definitely on at the SkiareaValchiavenna.
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You were gone?
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Yeah, thanks Phil. Haven't been around for about a month.
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