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What should I feel or look for during a fitting?

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After reading 10 pages on "Ask the Boot Guys" I still need to ask...

Upgrading from a low end Salomon boot that fits horribly and is too soft. Went to the one local shop yesterday and tried on a handful of boots. No shell fit. Exactly what I expected and have already made arrangements to head to a shop 3.5 hours away in the middle of next week. They are Masterfit and ABB listed. Will probably make it an overnight so I can ski Holiday Valley and still be in town for any needed tweaks.

My question is, what things should I be looking for and feeling both in the shop and out on the snow?

I realize the answer is probably pretty straight forward but just looking for any additional wisdom so I get the most out of this experience. I also realize the bootfitter should have the answers as well but I would like to go into this as prepared as possible. TIA
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Well on the snow I would say the answer is simple and as you say straightforward. Boots regardless of whether they are race or not should be comfortable. There is no truth to the statement that pain in race boots is acceptable. Normal yes. But that is only because they are not properly fit.

They should hold your foot securely so that you feel solid control of the skis and their movements. Your foot should stay in place but be able to move through its normal range of motion.

In the shop they should first study your foot, leg and discuss with you any past problems and your expectations. Measure length and width.

You may try on several models but I would say that depends on the shop. Either way a shell fit should absolutely precede your foot into the boot with liner. I like to tell customers problems I see during the shell fit so their feedback can help me confirm my approach to modifications. If I like the shell fit and the customer confirms what I saw we make the decision to proceed with modifications and get started.

Some people in my store want only a comfortable boot, others want balance and alignment work. If the latter we start looking at alignment during the initial try on so we can discuss additional mods such as boot lifts, ramp angle changes, binding position, cuff alignment, etc.

During the initial foot examination we will also talk about footbeds, what to expect and why or why not they may be necessary.

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that is what to look for for fit.

for the store, just make sure they ask a bunch of questions to get an idea of what it right for you.
Look at your foot, ankle flexion, ski terrain, # ski days, medical issues, etc. The with the boots Shell fit, keep downsizing, then footbeds.
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