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What is this

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Hi Folks,
While skiing at Timerline today, I stopped to look at my tracks to see if they were clean or skidding. What I saw I do not understand...the left ski made a clean flat track while the right ski looked like *[__] with the outside edge all ruffled and fluffed. I just had the edges reset with a wintersteiger machine at Meadows so I suspect it is caused by poor skiing or alignment. Any thoughts or shots appreciated. One other thing, my right toe wants to drift out. I have to pay attention to it to keep the ski straight.

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Need more info, Ryel. You talk about which ski what doing what, but you didn't mention which way you were turning. Did it happen on both sides. Also, a little more clear description of what the right ski did.. (was it a skidded line?) I don't understand what you mean by "ruffled and fluffed".

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That's okay. The weather sucks here right now. January was warm, and feb isn't looking much better.

Let us know when you plan on coming this way, and we'll do something. Mtn Biking sounds cool if you can't make it here before skiing ends.
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Gonz and JohnH,

MT biking would be a blast. Gonz, as JohnH said, you're not mising much here in terms of skiing. In the middle of a rather long warm spell.

I'm headed out to Sedona, AZ in late April till May 4th. Gonz, I KNOW, I know...I'll miss the Spring fling out there, but hope to meet up with some of the AZ natives for a couple days of biking. If you're out here in early to mid-April, I'd love to hook up for some riding.

JohnH, I just heard that Whitetail is shutting down all biking in the off season. Any truth to this? Also, I'll be up at Whitetail this Sunday for the day. Will you be up there?
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Thanks for the feedback JohnH. I'll try to give you what I can but it's hard to know what you need knowing as little as I do about the language or art of skiing. It must be time for me to buy Bob's book and do the homework!

"which way you were turning"
I was looking at a striaght run, cruisin so to speak, on a groomer. Some gentle left and right but not really un-weighting either foot or flexing the boards much.

Did it happen on both sides.
No, just the right ski on the outside edge. Almost like I was dragging it around. It didn't feel like I was skidding or even getting very much edge.

I don't understand what you mean by "ruffled and fluffed".
When I lay down a hard turn there is a flat 'cut' with a pile on the outside almost like a surfers wave, with the top rolling over. What I saw was almost a straight edge cut with a flat bottom where the ski floated but the right outside edge was stacking up, like ruffled lace, compared to the clean edge cuts left by the other three edges.

Does that make any sense?
BTW AtomicBcarve 9:14
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This happened during a straight run???

My guess, without actually seeing it (might be importiant here), is that it's one of two things;

1) An alignment problem, or
2) A pressure/ weighting problem, which could be happening if you are left leg dominant, and standing on your left leg with your right leg just along for the ride.

This is an odd one. You may want to try it again (about 5 times) in a pure straight run on the flattest green run you can find. Let us know what you discover.

In the mean time, what is the wear like, on an old pair of tennis shoes, on the heel of the sole. Do you wear the middle, the inside or the outside?
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Ryel, check for burrs on that edge, just a possiblity...

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No burrs this time Ott, I just had them set and polished. I may have an alignment problem. I am studying Witherell's book (how the racers ski) trying to figure out the way to identify need for canting and heel lift. My shoe wear is (right foot)=inside heel 6-8 o-clock heavy wear, ball inside-center: (left foot)=center heel inside ball edge. Does that make sense? I'm kinda knock-knee'd more so on the right knee. I've called all the local shops about checking with the CB machine (pg 62) that Warren speaks of but, when I went to the only one that said he had a machine, the guy sold me a pair of footbeds and said to come back if I had any pain. I would like something a bit more methodical or measured. WW says to stand on a flat surface in your boots and measure the angle of the bottom but so far I haven't found a willing accomplice. Something more to work on. I've signed up for the day training on the 23rd at Squaw so maybe they will offer feedback on preassure/weighting and edge control. (I hope!)
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Hey, are you going to Squaw for the Bears gathering. I had not noticed from previous posts that you were coming. I am going to be at Squaw that day to and I think others will be skiing on Friday, Feb 23, 2001. Lets make some turns unless you are in a training session all day.


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Hi Fast1ev, Sounds great but there is much I don't know, such as 1. if I get into the class I signed up for (warned if full they would put me on a waiting list) what time class lets out if I do get to take it. 2. Where people meet at Squaw: I presume somewhere at the 8200 elev. area? 3. With 5 mountains and numerous 'lift areas' I'll bet I get lost at first. Also I should warn you that I am a 'late learner' and not very good. I just started a few years ago...trying to get the kids interested in something exciting that wasn't directly illegal, immoral or fattening. Although I have been distracted by each of those a time or two in my youth.
Looking forward to seeing you there. Maybe we could talk AC into Barking Bears baseball cap or decal to stick on helmets or ski's (like Paula's?) to help ID each other in a crowd?

home email = mrducks@pacifier.com<FONT size="1">

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