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Heading there for the first time....Any secret spots people would like to sahre?
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Ummm, why are u going there? It is amazing when stuff opens up but by the looks of there website it is sub par for early season. Do you have a season pass or are u just buying lift tickets?

Lift tickets, go to loveland. Season pass go to breck or beaver or vail.
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Most of what's available is there before your eyes.

A-Basin is largely a big bowl.

Try Pali Face for a rush.

The Upper East Wall is a bit dicy for most. If you've got the skills, go for it.

A-Basin has some of the best steeps in Colorado. It's a gift.
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The basin is spectacular. There is no way the East Wall is open yet but when it is some of the best. The Pali face is legendary and the mountain is something to be tried. Most skiers fall in love with the vibe and the terrain, I know I did. It's still early season and even though we've been getting tons of snow for the last week, it's still early season.

Have fun
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Am I missing the drift here or is he talking about going there here pretty soon or here like in a couple of days?
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A-Basin sucks -- total trainwreck. You should probably just go to Keystone.
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Originally Posted by axebiker View Post
A-Basin sucks -- total trainwreck. You should probably just go to Keystone.
Actually, this is the right move on bitter, windy Jan/Feb days.

Awesome terrain is less fun in minus 40 degree wind-chill.

Keystone is mostly below tree-line, and protected from killer wind. A-Basin is high on the divide, and mercilessly exposed.

On bone-numbing days, I head to Keystone. It's enough to just be on the hill.
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True, I had a buddy get some frost nip at the basin last january, it was a typically cold and windy day with a high of about 3, but we had fun. and skied some deep powder in the montezuma bowl.
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Does anyone have records on when the East Wall opens? It seems to me it is usually *very* late, like early March.
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I checked out their website. They don't have very much terrain open, but they have gotten a lot of snow in the last week. Is it more rocky than Loveland?
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