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Need help. made a ski buying mistake

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Ok..so a few years back I made a ski buying mistake. I used to be an instructor, ski aggressively, and I wanted to get into park and bought a pair of twins that were too large. I am about 5'6-7" and around 138lbs. I purchased a pair of the special edition line chronics but was unable to find any in my size. I ended up going with a pair of 177s. yeah I know, looking back it was kinda dumb..

what should I do? I don't really have a lot of cash to replace them (though Xmas is coming up and I could probably swing them as a gift). what could I sell them for (including the line bindings) and what should i get to replace them? I do want a ski that can do park but also a bit of all mountain as I don't want to be confined to the park when I have them on. I do have a pair of atomics for all mountain, so they arent the only ski in my quiver, but I would like them not to bounce around on me oo much when I go fast and carve.
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keep them and ski them, most good park skiers have gone much longer even flying squirrels like yourself. 10cm is what? 4 inches? thats really more mental than anything else.
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My main issue is that they are pretty heavy. I mean compared to my atomic 9.22s at a 160 they are a lot heavier. It feels like they drag a bit when I go off a jump and spin or grab.

I do think that can be blamed on the Line bindings tho, they are pretty big suckers. I mean they have this padding and stuff thats supposed to cushion landing and the ability to twist and stuff..but honestly I'm thinking that they got discontinued for a reason :-P

Should I just stick with the 177s and go for a lighter binding? If so, what is a good set of bindings to go with? I'm not sure what bindings are good park bindings these days. (also the bindings will need to be wide enough for the chronics. I do remember there being some issue that the binding claws need a wide grip to fit around the ski)
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That binding weighs about 10lbs by itself. Try another binding and you'll probably find that ski much more enjoyable.

I might suggest (as will others) Jesters, Look PX15's, Solly sth16's
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whats the pros and cons for those? and how valuable are those bindings (as all are a bit high priced models)?

I looked into them a bit, the marker jokers look really nice but damn did i forget how freeking expensive bindings are..siiigh..

also (as it has been a while since my last binding purchase) what size brake do I need for the Line chronic? 110?

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after flipping through the forums its seems many poeple find the jokers overpriced for their performance. I mean they do seem expensive... As I only weigh 130 the Griffons seem like they might be an alternative...

anyone have more insight? should i just get some 2X4s and velcro?

(side note, I just looked it up and the line bindings are listed as 1800g PER BINDING. the markers are 1900 for the pair.. geez..)
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after talking with some shop clerks in Mammoth, I'm still pretty torn. They recommended the Rossi scratch 100s and the Solomon z10 for bindings and one guy recommended i try the k2 silencer ski if I am looking to buy another.

I'm thinking I might stick with my 177s this season and stick some new bindings on them since Im still new/rusty in the park and I dont trust my ability to demo in the park and really see the difference in skis..

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Trade them with somebody who bought too short.
The bindings are right at your feet, so they don't have much swing weight (low polar moment of inertia)
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Originally Posted by skierhj View Post
I might suggest (as will others) Jesters, Look PX15's, Solly sth16's
What DIN are you skiing at now? I'm 5'8" and 170lbs and I am skiing with a DIN 7. Going by memory, the Jesters range is 6-16, the PX15 is 8-15, and the Solly STH 16 is 9-16. Since you want to be somewhere in the middle of the range, I would be looking at the Griffon or Look PX12. The higher DIN bindings are more robust, but they are also usually heavier.
Did I miss something, skierhj?
Does park skiing require a higher DIN?
I don't do much park skiing so I am just asking and not being sarcastic.
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Wow, I think I need more sleep or something. I read 188 not 138. Sorry about that, please ignore my suggestions. how about...

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Hah thanks for the correction skier. Btw I noicedthat some people on craigs are selling aski binding combos for around the price of a new binding set. Would that be good? Some are only a season old. I was curious about an offer for 171 silencers and axiom bindings. Though I think that'll still be too long for me. Any more suggestions...
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