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intuition questions

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I am getting ready to heat my intuition liners. 2 questions. The first, is the consensus to mold with or without foot beds? I have both superfeet and surefoot liners (I don't really like the surefoot). I have a high instep and without heating the instep feels comfortable. So I am thinking without. Second, I have big calf muscles. The liners are really tight from the top of the boot to above the ankle. Will that resolve after I heat them? Should I pad the area around the top of the boot during the heating process to allow for more expansion around my calf?
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Where did you get the liners dude?
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I bought them through intuition.
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Mold with your footbeds but heat the liners with them out. The calf will mold on it's own without additional padding. You don't want to make that area sloppy. If you find you do need more calf room the cuff can be spot heated later.
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Thanks a lot. Just finished molding them, and they feel amazing. I see what everyone is talking about.
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And thank you for supporting your local boot fitter!

and thank you Intuition for supporting all your retailers?

Attention SVST and Intuiton, you will not see any future orders from me! Good luck with the direct marketing.
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Actually Bud, I don't have a local boot fitter that carries intuition liners. So in my situation it is a good thing that intuition is willing to sell liners. But even if there had been a local retailer I would have still done it myself. I enjoy doing work on like this on my equipment, and heating the liners is really a pretty simple process because I don't have many "hot spots" that I have to worry about. I am also a grad student, so if I can save the $50+ by doing it myself then I will.
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My point exactly Bud, well done screaming thingy..........
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