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After falling off my workout routine a bit and progressively getting more stressed and grumpy, I finally went out for a long past due snow and tour fix. After a 2 hour or so moderate burn at over 10,000 feet the rest of the day and evening was clearly what I'd characterize as a very positive 'high'. I've definitely experienced similar huge mood swings after cardio workouts which makes me always kick myself for not making it THE PRIORITY.

What was noteworthy about this time was the level of 'euphoria'. I'm wondering if it's simply that it's been too long at a given level under a given level of circumstances or a fluke. What have others experienced? Speed and gravity on alpines definitely produce endorphins and is addictive. But this was different. Does frequency affect the level? When I'm more religious about workouts, the stress level is typically lower overall and the change less dramatic.

Love to repeat it, all the more reason to get out the door on skis and in snow even if it's somewhat thin. 12 inches is all ya need.