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Trip to Taos -- know anyone in the school there?

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I haven't been able to chat here for a few weeks. I returned to today and found I was still logged onto the forum. Whew!!

Anyway, we have never been to Taos and when I found out that I could take a last minute ski trip, I discovered that Taos (for me) was less expensive than most trips.

I am looking forward to this since I have never been there (so any suggestions as to where to where to ski and what idiosynracies (sp?)I should be aware of would be welcomed).

SInce I am still not working (this is getting very tiresome), I am not sure if we can afford any lessons but I want to be knowledgable if it turns out that we can.

So....does anyone have a contact at the Taos Ski School? I'm a Level II certified instructor (eastern division) working on level III because it is always nice to work on improving. So it would be nice to work with someone substantially better than I am.

I skied with Bob Barnes (other bob barnes)at Winterpark a couple of times ...once as I got ready for the Level II exam and then again the next year after the exam. When I skied with Bob he was still demo team. I know there are some great instructors out there (some of them on this forum) and I must say that my first experience skiing with someone from the demo team was pretty wonderful.

I skied the Snow Projam (in the eastern division we have a 5 day clinic in early December with examiners) with Mac Jackson this last time and Mark Wooley last year. They were both great to learn from and the stuff I got from Mark Wooley fit perfectly with what I had been learning from Bob Barnes (Winterpark).

Wouldlove to continue this learning so if anyone has a good suggestion please let me know.

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Hmmm. Debbie Armstrong works there and just last spring passed her Trainer's Accred. at Durango. (I had to ski behind her and I failed!!!) She's a stud, and what a great instructor. If you get to spend some time with her you could count yourself pretty lucky. Also, Alain Veth (sp?) works at Taos. He is also Trainers Accredited. Tom Briggs is a Level II (last time I checked) and would be a great guide as well as instructor. He's ultra-cool and knows all the sweet stashes that no one else skis.

As far as skiing goes, you must check out the hike-access Kachina Bowl. It's a pretty easy trudge and if there is new snow the turns are beaut. If you like steeps, Taos has 'em in spades. The runs off the High Traverse are fairly short, but narrow and scary. Good tree skiing off "High T" as well. Snow seems to swirl and pile up big in that area. Hunziker Bowl is fun and bumpy (usually). If steeps and trees aren't your bag, pick a blue cruiser and point 'em. If you think you're going fast, Jean Mayer will probably pass you somewhere in the middle of Porcupine.

You won't see any snowboarders, but you'll see "Free Taos" bumper stickers all over the place. They are representative of a small movement within the snowboard community headed by a SB Shop in nearby Angel Fire called EXPERIENCE SNOWBOARDS. If you get over there, stop in and say hello. They're pretty sharp!

Have a burger at the Bavarian, Have a beer at the Martini Tree, Make some turns in Stoffenburgh (great run), and talk (for any length of time. He'll probably hit on you.) with a guy named Carl Stewart and you will have experienced Taos on a pretty fair level. It's a great place to ski.


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I agree with Spag, Susan--see if you can ski with Deb Armstrong--she's great! Not only is she a fantastic skier (she won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympic GS at Sarajevo), but she is now a dedicated, passionate instructor. She has been working hard on her teaching skills and technical understanding since attaining Trainer Accreditation, and I had the pleasure of having her accompany me in a Trainer's clinic this fall. I expect that she would be great to take a lesson from.

Unfortunately, Deb is also probably pretty busy. She has several roles at Taos, in addition to teaching. You can check her out at the Taos web site.

Alain is a fantastic skier, and although I haven't skied with him myself, I understand he does some great clinics.

Another Taos instructor that I'm sure you'd enjoy skiing with, but who is probably busy and unavailable, is Peter Donahue. He's an examiner in the Rocky Mountain Division, and I've never met anyone who has anything but praise for his clinics. Peter is the owner of the Lorelei Lodge in Taos.

Finally, I can recommend Paul Martin, a recently certified Level 3 instructor from Taos. Paul's pin is brand new--he just passed the Full Cert exam two days ago--but as his examiner, he impressed me as someone who would deliver a solid, fun lesson. There were only 2 people from the group of 7 who passed, so give Paul my congratulations (again)!

Have a great time in Taos! Tell us how it went when you get back.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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thanks to both of you for your input. I sent the ski school a message today to find out what possibilities might be available.
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