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Custom Footbeds

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I am an advanced skier that has never used custom footbeds. I went to a fitter today and he recommended Sidas for my feet. He said my feet were slightly flat. I do not wear orthodics in any of my shoes. Do custom footbeds help align flat feet when skiing?
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They align your feet and control motion within the shell. Without a footbed you are missing the fit in the most important area of the boot. The foundation. If your fitter makes a good pair (and I've seen a lot of bad ones) go for it and you won't regret it. They will make any boot fit better and ski better.
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as dave has said they are the link you are missing, filling the gaps under your foot to give you a better feel of what is going on..... also as he has said if they are well made they are great, just a case of finding a good fitter and seeing what they can produce, there are no bad products out there in terms of footbed brands certainly the main ones superfeet, instaprint, sidas.....[bound to have missed some] just badly made ones

good luck and enjoy the comfort and performance benefits
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Guys thanks for your input. I had the footbeds made and he was looking at my stance and thinks I need some shims in my left boot. It looks and feels that I would be riding on the inside edge of that ski. What do they use for wedges or shims?

Does this make sense?
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Has your fitter made any adjustment to the cuff alignment of your boots? Most boots have this adjustment at the laterial ankle hinge point. It may need to be set to a more vertical position if you have knock knees or a straight leg. This set should be done before wedging
or shims.
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