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groin and lower ab strain

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Hey guys,

Last april I really pulled (or ripped) some muscles on my right side, below my waste and in the groin area. Went to a doctor and surgeon to rule out a hernia. Just said I really pulled or even tore some muscles down there and need to just let it heal. Well I took it as easy as I could all summer, and it still bothers me if I exert myself too much... climbing stairs, lifting anything, etc. I'm starting to worry how this is going to effect my ski season this year.

Have any of you experienced anything like this and have any advice on streches or exercises for that area? I probably should contact a PT but my insurance sucks. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I had something like that. Go and get a physio therapist to set you up with a series of exercises. Pay out of your pocket for a couple of visits to set you up. It is worth the cost.
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Ghost, did your situation include pain just below the waist also?
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My condition was and is still a bit of a mystery. Closest guess was strained internal or external obliques. My leg seemed to be affected too. It was like there was muscle that wrapped around my leg and went into my gut that was eukered. There were certain exercises I couldn't do without pain, like leg raises. I would rest and take it easy until I thought I was healed, then I would start training again, sparing, kicking the heavy bag etcetera, and go too hard and be back to square 1. I still worry about it if I have to carry a heavy weight for any distance. I showed my quack some things that caused me pain, like maintaining a side kick position. He pretented to be impressed and said that would be hard for anyone to do. He was a QUACK!

I went to the shouldice clinic in Toronto to see if I had a hernia. They said no. I went to a Doc in a walk-in clinic and he looked at me and said "What do you want me to do?"

Fortunately my aunt was a PT, so I said to hook me up with one.

The PT gave me some exercises to do, about an hour's worth concentrating on my core strength, targeting those muscles. It hurt, but I did them, and I drank protien powder after doing the exercises every night, and I got better, Good enough to get my black belt.

I didn't have time to exercise in my last job. Now I'm completely out of shape, don't exercise and I can feel things aren't as strong as they could be. Gotta dig out that exercise list and get at it again.

Lots of hernias go undiagnosed. Get an expert 2nd opinion.
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It's possible you have what's called a sports hernia or athletic pubalgia. Try researching that and see if it fits.

A sports hernia is a hernia of the lower end of the rectus abdominus muscle or other muscles in the groin.

This happens a lot to runners and soccer players. Surgery is often required.

Hopefully this is not what you have.
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I just finished reading about that, and while it sounds similar, I don't have that much pain. Its just more of a soreness... So I'm hoping with some exercises, and stretches, I can avoid surgery. I plan on seeing a PT soon.
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If you have pain in the groin, the list of possible causes is long. Others are right here that an athlete's hernia is often missed. Other possibilities include psoas bursitis and/or tendonitis - which can grumble on for months.

The best way to sort out an athlete's hernia (which is really not a true hernia, but rather a thinning/strain/breakdown of the abdominal wall below the waist; 2 layers of muscle, as opposed to 3 layers above the belt) is an MRI with special sequences. Psoas problems are best assessed by an experienced therapist or doc and occasionally require an injection which is best done under fluroscopic (xray) control.

Lastly, depending on the mechanism of your injury, a labral tear in the hip is a sneaky injury that is often misdiagnosed/missed.
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It is possible that you have a small hernia, sports or regular. Sometimes they are small and difficult to diagnose, especially early on when you are still really painful. The other option may be a groin muscle strain, which can take a LONG time to get better. PT is not a bad idea nor is a visit to another friendly surgeon to re-examine you for a possible hernia. Where do you live and I may know someone you can see?
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Originally Posted by Pwdrhnd View Post
It is possible that you have a small hernia, sports or regular. Sometimes they are small and difficult to diagnose, especially early on when you are still really painful. The other option may be a groin muscle strain, which can take a LONG time to get better.

Did you have an ultrasound done to assess ? hernia. Even then, there is a miss rate. If all else fails, sometimes a diagnostic look-see scope is a reasonable approach.
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I live in chicago. I've been seen twice by a very well known surgeon. It happened when I was in a squatting position helping to lift a cabinet with a friend, and I felt a small pop, but no immediate pain. Having had a regular hernia on my left side (present pain is on the right) I freaked out and made an appt with the surgeon. He saw me once a week after the incident and then again about 6 months after. Both times, no hernia. I doubt I have a sports hernia because of what I read on other sites doesn't really match what I have. Depending on the day, it can be sore just below my waist, or further down where the leg meets the body. Its never really sharp, more of a dull ache. Some days I can lift things just fine, others it bothers me just to move a chair. It never really hurts when I cough or sneeze. I've noticed that if I do nothing for a few days I feel great, but the instant I ride my bike or something, the ache comes back. I never really gave my body more than a week or two off from all activities, so I guess that could be a problem too. Icing it does seem to help.

I haven't had any ultrasound, mri or stuff like that done. I'm trying to avoid surgery. There are no lumps present, and as I said, the surgeon spent a significant amount of time with me. But you guys could be right, maybe it is a small hernia. I'm just hoping skiing won't aggravate things too much.
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The story you tell sounds like deja vu to me. Try PM'ing Finndog. He had an injury which dogged him (pun intended) last season. Finally found a surgeon to take a look. Nice big tear in the lower groin area.
He could probably compare symptoms and tell you if it sounds like you are in the same territory.
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Well I've seen a PT twice now, and he said that what I have is leaning towards a very mild sports hernia, but he seems to think that I can rehab it and not have to go through surgery. It wasn't bad enough where I couldn't walk, or anything like that, it was just always bothering me. It feels a lot better now then it has in the past month, so hoping that if I continue with this, it will get better.
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I own a PT clinic and did and had the very same thing last season. Ice, massage and a lot of core work. It may bother you from time to time up to a year and a half out. Don't freak just rest and ice when needed.
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Yeah, I can't believe what a week of stretches and core exercises have done for me....and icing. It still bothers me a little, but not nearly as much as what it did before the PT started. I was really concerned that I would not be able to go on my ski trip in january, and now I'm really looking forward to it!
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