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The venerated Mountain Resort Mag has relaunched online-only as, and we need residents of any ski community to act as our frontline opinion machines.

*If you are already published and want to simply archive your work, let us know, we'll build you a home.

If you are new, send us some ideas.
Topics can include skiing, riding, backcountry adventure, frontcountry antics, nightcountry capers, business, real estate, the media, the locals, the tourists, the dogs, the lack of cats, or shoot us your column title and we'll take a guess what it's supposed to be about.

Document your season. Give a voice to the modern ski bum. Let your parents know your decision to couchsurf all season was sheer brilliance.

We are going to feature a variety of towns and topics on the front page, but even if your idea is not top-sheet, our blog tools allow you to write your own column all season and get near-equal promotion.

Get started today. Run pics, vids, as long as it is in tune with the mountain culture, it needs a home.

The chances are... you have some messed-up ideas about stuff... and every time you don't share those ideas, a baby Canadian lynx dies.