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White Ecstacy

Don't laugh but my favorite ski movie is Der Weisse Rausch or White Ecstacy.

Early ski moviemaker Dr. Arnold Fanck produced it in 1931. It starred Leni Riefenstahl and Hannes Schneider and has some amazing skiing for its time. I show it to our winter guests and several have gone out and bought the video.

I bought my copy from the New England Ski Museum.
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Originally Posted by Pastuch View Post
Ski Movie Reviews:

I love ski movies. I decided I wanted to make a master thread of ski movie reviews which I hope will get a sticky. If you’ve seen any movies you want to comment on please reply with your review.

Matchstick Productions

Seven Sunny Days: The best ski movie I've ever seen BY FAR. Favorite parts: The Mike Wilson helmet cam scene. The TJ and Coby park and pipe scenes. Whistler jump! The best part is the soundtrack. I love every single song in the entire movie. Many of the tracks I have loved for a long time and the rest are going on my Ipod! Abma is a god!

Claim: Are these really the same people that produced Seven Sunny Days? Oh wait, they lost studio 411 and the production values tanked. I own the Blu-ray of Claim and while the picture quality is absolutely breathtaking the film itself is boring. So far winter 08/09 has some very weak ski movies. The music was TERRIBLE in this film. I was very disappointed.

Push/Pull: Pull is the better of the two. It's the same film but edited by the skiers and they did a better job. I'm having a hard time remembering any specific scenes that I loved. The music was definitely not my style.

The Hit List: I don’t understand what people like so much about this film. I regret buying it.

Yearbook: Seth Morrison doing a front flip off a 100 foot cliff may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Focused: Another great MSP title. Lots of great footage in this one. The music is boring but the shots make up for it.

Kris Ostness

Teddy Bear Crises: Kris put together the best big air film I’ve ever seen. The shots over Chads Gap are gnarly. The music is stellar. The park & pipe shots are wicked. Some of the cliff drops are pretty good but it’s definitely a more free-style focused film.

Warren Miller Productions

I’m only doing a few because I’ve seen dozens of them.

Children of Winter: Gone are the Warren Miller voice-overs of old. Unlike the last three years they no longer reuse samples from old WM films from the 80s. AOL/Timewarner, now owners of Warren Miller productions have used Johnny Moseley for this season voiceovers. I saw this movie last night in a theater and I was sorely disappointed. Way too much snowboarding. At least in previous years they had cool kids like the “Smalls” for the boarding scenes. This year the boarders were BORING! There was surfing and mountain biking in CoW which I didn’t like very much. I love to Mountain Bike in the summer but I still don’t want it in my ski films. The only really interesting part of this film to me was the Iceland trek. The Weezer tracks were great too.

Freeriders: This is a personal favorite. I thought the music was great and the big AK scenes are excellent. I enjoyed the big focus on the “freedom” of the sport. The WM voiceovers in this one are great.

Playground: Pretty good ski film. Good shots, good voiceovers, good production, decent music. I love the smalls snowboarding team. I like a lot of the big air shots. Can’t go wrong with Mark Abma!

Older films: I really liked a lot of the WM movies from the late 80s and early 90s. Double Trouble with the Deslauriers and the Egan brothers is one of my favs.

Poor Boys Productions

I haven’t seen any yet but I have War and Ski Porn on my must watch list.

Teton Gravity Research

Yes, yes. I know I should have watched many of the TGR flicks. I have heard great things about:
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Anomaly
  • High Life
Which TGR film will I enjoy the most if Seven Sunny Days is my current favorite ski film of all time?

I ordered Steep which I hear is quite good and more a documentary style. I also want to see The Massive and Hunting Yeti.
CLAIM was great!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Steep Review:

This film gives a really unbiased look at the history of big mountain extreme skiing interesting. If you like ski DOCUMENTARIES and you enjoyed old school warren miller/greg stump flicks you'll probably love steep. I've always been a Chris Davenport fan so it was good to see him. Glen Plake has some 'choice' moments. Personally, I'd give it a 7 out of 10.
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Hey guys! I think a site I made earlier this year might be of interest to you guys... Basically it's a site with a ski film database, interviews (first interview was with legendary greg stump!), film news, and more importantly reviews!

I have several 2008 film reviews up, and will plan to have 5 or more up over the christmas holidays.

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