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A buddy of mine just scored a bunch of buy one, get one tickets to Jay Peak- He was at Friendly's on rte. 5 in West Springfield and spotted a pile of brochures that said "New England Skiing Guide, coupons inside!" so he was flipping through and saw the Jay Peak deal. Not sure if there's other killer coupons in there, but I just wanted to pass the B1G1 pass deal along to fellow Bears. If somebody is in need and can't make it, I could probably swing through and grab some for you. No, I'm not taking the whole pile so don't ask, but I will gladly swing through there if someone needs me to. I'm not sure if the other Friendly's restaurants have them, but I will stop in the Boston Rd. location and check on my lunchbreak. Hope this was of help to someone.

Note: I'm headed up to Jay on Saturday for my Bro's birthday, anybody in for some good times?