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Working in New Zealand

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Hey Dudes and Dudettes!

Im looking to move out to New Zealand in May 09 and work a Ski season there hopefully doing something out on the mountains or in a bar. I dont have any quallifications so am obviously not looking at instructor jobs but do have loads of experience working with children and in bars. Not at the same time tho......! Am just looking for any advice really on the best resorts to go to and the best way to get in contact with people. I know that most places dont start recruiting till March, but id like to try and get it sorted sooner rather than later! I already have a visa to move out there so dont need to worry bout getting a working visa or anything.

Any help or advice would be cool.

Cheers guys and happy boarding!!
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What you need are some contacts.

Daysailer -> is Earl still working at WP? Didn't he/does he still summer in NZ? He should have some contacts.
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Earl Saline moved to Beaver Creek last year. He did do summers there and would have many contacts there. He is also a NZSIA Examiner if I remember correctly.

Other people to contact would be Dan Hooper (now Winter Park formerly at Moonlight Basin) He's a Kiwi.

At Copper Mountain:
Tony Macri
Jake Levy
They spend their summers down there and are both Americans. One is NZSIA Examiner and the other is a NZSIA Trainer. Tony is also a AASI-RM Level III Examiner. He's very approachable. He invited me to attend a Sports Psychology seminar at Copper Mtn last night. Great talk by Chad Timmermans. PM me if interested in contacting them.

They are all in the midst of new hire/rookie training right now. I know a number of other Kiwi's. But the American approach might be more informative.
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