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Need St-Anton recommendations. THX!

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Hi, My wife and I are planning a trip to St-Anton this winter. We're both 40, and very good skiers and we're not taking the kids with us! I'm looking for your help:

- Best time to go: We want good chance of great snow conditions, but we also should try to avoid any peak seasons (as in Eropean vacation weeks). Would end of Jan or beginning of Feb be good choices;

- Getting There: We're coming from Canada. Not sure where would be the best place to fly to. Also, what's the best way to get to the mountain from the airport? Is renting a car a good a good idea at all in that area, or is it best to take the train or bus?

- Hotel: We don't really go for anything that will feel like a big tourist trap hotel. We don't really enjoy they 5-star stuff, yet it should not feel like a cheapo student/ski bum type of place either. We're looking for a place that's nice, cozy, clean and where we can really enjoy typical Austrian experience. Oh, and it should be NON-SMOKER (if such a thing exists!)

- Passes. Where's the best place for good deals on the ski passes? Through the hotel?

- The place: Finally, we're open to look at other resorts in the Alps if St-Anton is not best for us. What we are looking for mostly is good challenging and big open terrain. We'd also like a village where evenings will be fun - Not a college beer brawl town, but not a super high-end glitzy place either. We'd also hope there are nice places around to visit for day trips) in case we take a day-off or two from skiing). This is our first ski trip to the Alps.

Thanks again!
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Fly into Zurich. The train leaves from under the airport, you change once in the Zurich central station and then ride right into the center of St Anton.
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1. not a bad time. i've skiied the area during early january many times and often wish i could go later in the year due to there typically being more snow. i've only had one really terrible snow year (and still found exceptional touring opportunities up high then). st anton is lower than the other arlberg areas (lech, zuers) but your ticket will be good at those other areas and there are inexpensive/free buses and interconnected skiing.
2. zurich is imo the best
3. never stayed in st anton, but there are plenty of options... contact their tourist office.
4. tickets are cheap compared to us/canadian ski areas. your hotel will likely pick up a ticket for you... but the cost is pretty set, although there are real discounts for multiple days.
5. i'm usually there for the skiing, and hate leaving... last year we took the train to innsbruck for the day to do some sightseeing... but i'm not likely the best for that info
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My favorite place to stay is Apartments San Antonio at the top of Nassereinstr. Quiet.Moderately priced ($100/person) ski out to Nassereinbahn. Excellent pizzeria downstairs. Zeppl and Sandra (the owners are GREAT people). Short walk to town.

If you buy a 7 day pass, it will cost you less than $30/day.

I like the month from mid February to mid March for consistently good snow and large (sometimes epic) dumps.

While St. Anton (town) may be lower than Zuers or Lech, the skiing is much more challenging, and there are many more options. Go to Lech for dinner; ski St. Anton!
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