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Stowe, Vt.; Snowmass, Colo.; Big Sky, Mont.

“We hire the best pros and then get the hell out of the way,” says EpicSki director Weems Westfeldt. He gives his staff of world renowned instructors—including SKI’s Instruction Directors Stu Campbell and Michael Rogan—academic freedom to teach as they see fit. Overcome whatever holds you back, whether it’s physical or mental. Clinics include two to four days of instruction, gear-fitting sessions, video analysis, and après-events.

Stowe, Vt., Dec. 12-14, 2008-12-04
Snowmass, Colo., Jan. 11-15, 2009
Big Sky, Mont., March 29-April 2, 2009

--SKI Magazine, November 2008, p.118
That's about as concise and accurate a summary of ESA as we could ask for. Our mission is to bring together an eclectic group of highly qualified and respected coaches in a unique ski school that comes to life three times a year. We really appreciate getting recognized in the popular press. We are delighted to be hosting our largest Stowe ESA ever next week.

We're excited about the amazing array of coaches we've snagged for this year's AspenSnowmass ESA. This has got to be the most well-rounded group of coaches ever assembled:

1 World Cup competitor (Martin Bell)

2 Warren Miller movie stars (Dan Egan and Eric DesLauriers)

3 Current PSIA National Team members (Robin Barnes, Charlie MacArthur, and Jim Schanzenbaker)

2 National Team alumni (Megan Harvey and Weems Westfeldt)

1 Author, The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing (Bob Barnes)

1 Redneck (Squatty Schuler)

We have lined up a terrific deal on slopeside lodging at the newly renovated Wildwood Lodge ($179/double occupancy) which includes a hot and hearty skier’s breakfast buffet each morning at the restaurant on-site.

If you are on the fence about doing an ESA--i.e., you see yourself as possibly benefiting from highly competent coaching but wonder if it truly is a good value--we invite you to take the risk. We know you will reap the benefits, just like these skiers.

Read what some of last year’s participants had to say:

“Great instruction with an incredible group of people with the common bond of a passion for skiing.”

“Continued and built/improved upon my skiing abilities from where it was at the end of the season.”

“Impressed by the level/caliber of all the coaches at the event and their dedication and professionalism toward the students.”

“Even though we were in a group lesson, I felt that I had improved and learned as much as if I had been in private lessons.”

“Excellent as always.”

“I like having four days with the same coach and the same people. Four days gives plenty of time to explore lots of things that can’t be done in a 1-2 day clinic.”

“Each day’s information and experience built on the things learned the day before. Everything just made sense and really clicked.”

“This is my sixth ESA. Each one has made me a better skier. My expectations and what is delivered is definitely in alignment. I try to show up in the best shape I can and take it from there. There is no better product on the market that I am aware of.”

Read more about ESA and register here.

Ski better now, or you'll just be another year older when you do (to paraphrase Warren Miller).
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That pretty picture is of Chris Geib, who's been to a few ESAs since the first one in 2003. He'll be behind the video camera at next week's Stowe ESA.
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
1 Author, The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing (Bob Barnes)
Shouldn't that be 2 authors? I would think Weems' Brilliant Skiing makes him eligible in that count!!
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Absolutely--my notes on these people were strictly preliminary.
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
That pretty picture is of Chris Geib, who's been to a few ESAs since the first one in 2003. He'll be behind the video camera at next week's Stowe ESA.
Chris has to be the poster child for esa's. His improvement from when I first saw him ski in 2003 esa Brighton to 2007 esa Snowmass was amazing. I've rarely seen anything like it, (almost annoying!). It's a credit to him and the coaches! He really takes everything in and works on it. Great chairlift buddy for analysis of the current task.
Redneck (Squatty Schuler)
[edit: tried to fix that, I guess that's what happens when I try to quote a redneck. Computer breaks!]

Don't underestimate the Redneck! (Isn't he a Kiwi?)
Amazingly simple and to the point. Not sure he ever stops laughing either. Bizarrely somehow he easily gets along with anyone - ceo's, kids, and other rednecks. I think you could land him on another planet and he'd soon have the aliens laughing and skiing !!

Anyway, I highly recommend ESA Snowmass!!
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Chris has to be the poster child for esa's.
Chris is a great advertisement. But then so are these guys (1. Aleph Null, 2. Tog himself, 3. Weems saying goodbye to the knee he has since had replaced, followed by none other than Poster Boy):
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Thanks for the photos!
Anyone thinking of Bigsky in April should prepare for cold winter to fairly warm conditions. (never had slushy stuff, only cold dry snow last year but air temp varied greatly) Often at the same time- depending on your location on the mountain. Thus my down jacket in April!

First off, it's ridiculous that Weems could ski like he did at BigSky with a knee so bad it was to be replaced in one week. His only caveat for the group was "No Hiking", everything else was fine though we didn't discuss cliff dropping. Somehow his sort of metaphysical approach to skiing results in a very smooth style that is evident even when compared to the other instructors there on video.

I believe poster boy, cgeib, and Weems were up to some sort of mumbo jumbo in the past. Somehow Weems was able to get cgeib to incarnate a bird. Since birds have no arms, extraneous arm movements don't become a problem while skiing. Also excellent vision results and stable, fluid movement. That last photo pretty much sums up chris's style and proves the point.
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I thought this thread was going to be about getting "WEEMS" tatooed on your arm.
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If that's your pleasure, SKI-3PO, far be it from me to say no.

(I started this thread for the newcomers who may not know about ESA.)
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I was at ESA Snowmass last year and had a ball. I also learned a thing or two. If you have an inking go, do it. It will improve your skiing and the amount of fun you will have on the slopes.
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Tog, are you saying that I should bring a Down Jacket with pit zips?
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That would work pretty well.
Still, the most important thing is to actually get to esa Big Sky!!!
It's best for people to get there with old clothes than not to get there with new ones! It's really a great place. Bizarrely, it's almost like one's private area! Moonlight basin next door - goodness there's so few people you could probably hunt and ski at the same time!! Hey - maybe we should start a biathlon there...
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