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Welcome Floyd. You sound like someone we can learn alot from, which is our favorite pastime around here!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Besides all that a significant portion (97%?) of the population doesn't use their ankles knees or hips for rotary as much as their arms & shoulders, so they would have to be fused as well. Then there's the least another 15% gain significant angulatory input from the neck...their ankles, knees & hips LOOK fused.
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Hi Bob - No offense taken! Let me throw this at you as something to ponder.

We tend to think of a ski as and arc meaning a fixed radius when in fact it is a point to point contour. The ski needs to be engineered in that form or the tail will not release in a turn. So actually if I take the skier off the ski and let the ski go down hill on its own the ski can and will be able, by virtue of the point to point contour, make only one curve. (Please don't try this on an open slope!")If the ski was a true arc it would tumble before it really turned very far. The ski radius could not make its way around the apex of the arc.

Now we put the skier back on the ski, by virtue of the skiers weight, the contour becomes something different than a ski in a free state and in fact the turn the ski makes will be different. That of course is just one reason why different weight skiers actually will find a ski personality totally different. Their weight alone creates a different parabolic shape and as they pressure the ski the pressure can really change the range of capability of the ski. (If you let two skiers of different weight become a "hockey puck" going straight down a beginner slope, with no intervention from the skier, their "patience" turns would not be the same. Hence we then have to drop in length, waist, tip, and tail width along with stiffness to find the personality the skier likes.

Of course your explanation is very reasonable but I thought you might be interested in my first thoughts to the question. (I think this could be at least a (12) pack question?)

"Let the force be in your mind and not your skis."
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