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Next Year's Academy

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Hi All,
Are there any tentative plans for the location of next year's Academy(s)?

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We'll have that nailed down by June, I hope.
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Wow. June? I guess Milton Keynes is a tough nut to crack.
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We're working on it would have been a better response. Which is not to say MK is not on the short list.
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Originally posted by nolo:
Which is not to say MK is not on the short list.
It's definitely short.
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the short list of domed skiing, anyway.
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Anything planed yet with regard to another ETU next year-dates, location? (Stowe again or moving elsewhere? I was just wondering if the planning was underway.
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Thanks for asking, Richard. You're one of the original ETU'ers, and you will definitely be among the first to know. We're getting on the case even as we speak . . . uh, post.
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Dave Merriam was pretty keen on getting the ETU back to Stowe again.
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Great oboe, I can't wait. I would just comment that I read the recent ESA Newslatter and in it was a discussion around potential improvements for next years ESA. I would just mention that several of those ideas could also apply to ETU (Better video processing, increased cohesion...I'm sure you read it. Also, I was just wondering if any thought has been given to possibly expanding the ETU...perhaps a third day?
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Hey, Sue, Dwight Cramer is in charge of the ESA newsletters. If you send him your e-mail address, he'll add you to the list of recipients. The most recent one said they're getting ready to announce location in the next newsletter. It'll be some Western US mountain location and in the end of January/start of February time frame used previously.

Dwight's e-mail: dwightcramer@comcast.net
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Thanks, Kneale, and I'd repeat the invitation to anyone who would like to receive the newsletter, please email me or PM. I will add you to the list and send you the newsletter that went out yesterday.

IMPORTANT REMINDER! Include your email address when you send me a note asking to go on the list. A very impressive group of medical doctors, ski instructors, academics and similar folks have omitted this pesky detail.

Best to all,

Sno'more aka dwightcramer@comcast.net
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Originally posted by cattracksplat:
the short list of domed skiing, anyway.
domed or doomed ?
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Milton Keynes is a contender, like Eddie the Eagle.

The news of ESA's next stop will be out BEFORE June, so get on the mailing list to get the jump on it.

For your convenience, here's the March Newsletter.
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