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Salomon Foil-older model

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I'm looking for some comments on the Salomon Foil, '05 or '06 model. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of unused Salomon Foil twin-tips in 174 cm. I'm a self-described Level 6 skier, thinking about replacing my old blue Pocket Rockets (175cm). I would like to know how the Foil will compare to the PR. Any feedback appreciated.
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The Foil is very much a finesse ski, even more so than the PR. It has much more sidecut than the PR which makes it turnier on groomers but less stable in powder and really unstable in heavy crud. They definitely are not a ski for going fast. A level 6 skier that doesn't weigh much and ski fast might enjoy them (I know a couple really good light finesses skiers that love them.) Personally, I didn't.
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I have heard that these and other Salomon foam-core skis only have a few seasons of useful life, due to the foam core breaking down. Don't think that would be an issue for me as I'm not a hard charger. Thanks for the input on the Foil.
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I have some PRs that have at least 80 days on them, have been used heavlily in crud & moguls, taken some core shots and one nasty compressed edge from nasty encounter with a rock in Jackson Hole yet they are still going. (A friend's Stockli Scott Schmidts lost an edge after hitting a rock with less force than the rock I clobbered in Jackson.) My son and daughter have various versions of 1080s and PRs that have well over 100 hard days on them. The Salomon spaceframe skis have a layer of titanium in the cap which makes them durable and limits the amount the ski depends the foam core for structure and strength.
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At 175 lb, 6 ft, 58 yrs, I would call myself an "adventurous" intermediate. I have really enjoyed my Pocket Rockets but lately I'm doing less off-piste sking, find I am sticking more to the blue groomers. I'm thinking the Foil with more sidecut will be a quicker turner than the PR, but still have that Salomon "feel". Just a bit cautious about the stiffness of the Foil, as I don't want to work all that hard.
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The Foil's stiffness is similar to the PR but not as soft in the tip and tail. It definitely has the Salomon feel and is a very, very easy ski to turn.....in fact it pretty much wants to be turning all the time which some people consider a plus and others consider a minus.
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I'm looking for skis in the 170 range. 174 seems to be too long for me, but, considering this is a twin tip could this be the right length?
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