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Skis for my wife...length?

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My wife just started skiing last winter. She went maybe 5-6 times and her last 2 days were those days where it really finally clicked and she "got it"....then she broke her humerus (non ski related) and was done for the season. She's ready to go for this winter though.

Last year I got her a pair of K2 omni jrs just to learn on and help her pick it up quickly. She's going to ski them a couple of times this year just to get back into it, and then it's time to upgrade.

Seeing as she's still a beginner, I don't want to get too much ski for her, but I don't want to have to upgrade again by the end of the year either. I'm looking for a ski and length that she can grow into a little and will still be good for her for another 2-3 seasons at least....

Any recommendations on ski and length? $$$ is a factor too so think 07's or used. We ski in the east but will be hitting Tahoe some this winter. Thanks...

She's 5' 6-7'' and 145 pounds. I was thinking some K2 true luvs...but I have no idea what length would be good for her?
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My wife is 5'6' and 125-130lbs. and skis a 154cm Nordica Olympia Speed in the east. Probably a little short for her if she was more advanced, but we decided on a little shorter more advanced ski to grow into. Others that she demoed Dynastar Exclusive(close 2nd to the Speed), Volkl Viento (fun and snappy but thought she would outgrow it) , Volkl Sol (?), Nordica Firefox (needed to be skied more aggressively), k2 burning luv (too damp).
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Tough lady. Would recommend something in the low-mid 160's. You're not doing her a favor putting her on overly short skis since they will get skittish if she misses a turn or hits some crud, and will be harder to balance fore-aft.
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I'm with Beyond. Too short can be squirrely and unfriendly.

The true luvs may do the trick for her, but I'd highly recommend that she do some demoing.
Things I'd put on her demo list include Blizzard Viva's, Volkl Attiva Tierra's, and Elan wave magics.

Of those, I'd put the Blizzard Viva's on the top of the demo list.
Stay in the 160's range for length, depending on the properties of the ski.
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I can't disagree with the length recommendations. I was only trying to say that some more advanced skis will ski longer than softer skis and don't under buy.

A perfect example would be the Volkl Attiva Tierra (which I believe is the women's version of the AC30 which I ski in a 163cm at 5'6' 145lbs.). With 2 titanium sheets that ski is stiff and skis long. Definitely demo that ski before buying.

Other than that comment, based on my reading, TC is much more knowledgable than me.
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I am about the same height and weight as your wife and have skied since I was a child. But, I stopped skiing just before my kids were born and didn't start up again until the youngest was 9 yo. During this time, straight skis became passé, and I thought I would have re-learn the sport. That said, it was a lot easier than I thought. Here's how I approached it:

1) Attend a "demo days" at your home mountain. They'll be abundant over the next few weeks; or set up a demo arrangement at the ski shop on the mountain. Try a pair for a couple of runs then return them for a new set. (If you demo at a shop, you can usually deduct the cost from the purchase price)

2) Visit local ski shops (but don't buy into the hype. They are there to sell you an expensive ski if they can, and will try to appeal to your macho instincts.)

push her into going longer or more advanced than she wants, or you may lose a ski partner. I ski a 158, but am perfectly happy on a 154 (fatty) and I consider my self an aggressive skier.

Allow anyone to "type" her into a ski. That is why demoing is so important. It's great that skis are made to fit skier levels and for particular conditions on the mountain, but everyone is different and a ski that's perfect for one person will not likely feel right for another.

Personal story:
My fiancée skied last year for the first time. He's 5'9" 165 lbs and started on a 154. His first experience was so horrible that he didn't want go again. A friend told us about a program called bumps for boomers (It's a skate ski program in Aspen). He wasn't ready to call it quits just yet on the skis, so we went to a 140. YES they are little tiny skis. But, you know, he likes them. He has skied almost 7 days this year so far and has vastly improved. We know we will likely have to buy new skis next year, but that's OK too. (Considering we paid only $129 for them, it won't hurt so much)
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Thanks for the advice. I went into the local ski shop and the owner hooked us up with the jr. skis. He said just to use them 2-3 times to get her comfortable and then come trade them in. Last year was the first year I started skiing seriously (finally moved out of Ohio...thank god) so I wasn't really sure on what to get her so I just took his advice.

I skied as much as possible last year and got educated better on the skis, conditions, etc and knew exactly what I wanted in my skis I bought this year but I'm still pretty clueless on women's skis...especially for someone in her situation. Thanks for the advice...I'll look around.
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Good luck on the search.

I really enjoyed learning about all of the new gear. It helped to build my confidence in the process. I hope you and your wife find the same satisfaction.
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BTW...There is a fabulous forum for women that started a few years back by a woman from this forum. The site is informative and accepting of all skier types. Your wife may want to check it out.

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