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Which ski for SLC?

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Last year I took a pair of older 176 Volkl Gotamas (the all black ones) to SLC and I was pretty happy with them. I struggled at times being new to powder skiing but the skis seemed fine. They were also fine on the groomers as there was no ice.
We are heading back again this year at the end of January and I now have a choice of those Gotamas, 169 Icelantic Pilgrims, or 172 Scott P4s. Since I liked the Gotamas, the obvious choice would be to bring them again, but I kinda want to try something new.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Owned 04 Goats, now 07's, demoed the P4's briefly. The older flexier Goats IMO are pretty similar to the current P4's in pow, not as crisp on groomed, not as stable in crud. if you're over 145-150 lbs and can only get the Scotts in 172 would stay with what you've got. If you're heavier, and could locate 180 P4's, that'd be your best experiment. Can't comment on the Icelantics.
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