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Driving from Red Cliff to Vail

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I'm thinking of staying this season for a couple of months in Red Cliff and I'm wondering what the drive is like to Vail and BC. I hear it's about 20 minutes. Does that sound right? Also, is it one of those treacherous drives that will make me regret being there when it's snowing out???

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I can't speak specifically for that drive, but I've driven from leadville to ski cooper a few times with snowy roads, and I lived at copper last season. I Don't think that drive would be too bad, there will probably be a couple of days that it takes you an hour to make the drive, or have to go around, or wait a few hours for the plows to get out to 24. Do you have 4wd? Snow tires? 24 is kind of lower priorty to I70 so it's not as well maintained, but it also sees much lower traffic (til vail pass closes and everybody tries to go around)

for what you will save not living in vail, it's probably worth it, but there will most likely be some frustrating days when you will wish you lived in vail.
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Yep - have 4wd and will slap some snow tires on when I get out there. May pick up some chains as well just in case. I'm just trying to make sure that the road is a "real" road and not a dirt path on the side of a mountain where I'll get snowed in every third day.

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24 is Good

The worst I've seen 24 between Red Cliff turnoff and Minturn northbound was 2nd or 3rd car after 8-10" powder. Being an aging hot rod, I was pushing the old Grand Cherokee a bit harder than the wife would let me (I was alone). Managed a very lucky 360 (thank heavens for the angel that rides on my shoulder).

If I hadn't been pushing it (trying to drift around the corners), I'd have been fine. As is, drove off without anything but soiled undies (and I don't soil easily).

Had hoped to be in Vail next week but press of biz will delay first week til early January. Anyone readint this who wants to trade Vaile area lodging for Taos lodging, email me!
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The road from Red Cliff down to I-70 is a paved two lane road (one lane each way) that is very windy and has a couple thousand feet of elevation loss on the way down.

That being said, with chains or 4wd you should be fine. The drive down to 70 is probably about 15 minutes in dry weather, with about another 10 minutes to either Vail or BC. If its nasty out, I could see it taking 30 minutes to make it down to I-70.
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Enjoy the ride!
Red Cliff is a Cool little town!
It's all Down hill to Vail &
All up hill Back!
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