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The Early Carve – Part Deux

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Rusty Guy: I tried tipping the old outside foot as the only turn initiation move yesterday – and promptly fell right over! No, no – just kidding! In spite of the less-than-optimal conditions – thin eastern crud over ice in flat light (or, in some places, 3 inches of wet powder over dirt) - it worked great! It wasn’t that it did anything by itself so much, as much as it was that it provided a smooth, subtle and simple way to start an automatic chain-reaction of many good things! As I’d expected, I found that I instinctively applied pressure to the inside edge of the new outside ski and moved into the new turn with my hips. So, instead of banking and floating into the turn, I was angulating and carving that much sooner. I was surprised to find my self crossing-under – getting the skis away from my body earlier in the turn – without consciously trying. So, my previous distinction between cross-over and cross-under has been blurred. Cool!

John H: Also as I expected, I think my torso and arm position at the end of the turn is now less countered – more square to the skis. Since I’m carving earlier in the turn, I don’t have to force the carve so much in the last phase of the turn – I can just ride it. And then this more neutral position at the end of the turn puts me in a better position to start the next one. Way cool!

I still like to jam my edges and catapult around a blocking pole plant sometimes. Skiing only one way all the time would certainly be boring!

So thanks guys – this has been great fun - even if this particular New England ski season is currently careening to an early demise – only a couple more days left for me. But next season, the adventure WILL continue! Meanwhile, I’ve gotta go loosen up the old arm – my kid wants to go out and play catch in the back yard this afternoon. Go Sox!
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Congrats on the revelation!

I think somewhere in one of these long posts/threads I mentioned that if you don't have faith in your skis or you tip that old outside ski too far you will fall over, So I know what you mean.. I was snickering when I saw you say that. It's a weird but fun feeling the first few times you try it. Then it just gets better and better. : [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] :
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Yup DC - like Steve Martin says, "I've got happy feet!"

And hey, it ain't quite over yet in New England - most of ski country got almost a foot of snow yesterday (finally)! So it's Waterville Valley on Tuesday!

By the way, I'm not trying to toot my own horn with all this stuff - I'm just excited by what I've managed to figure out - a lot of it with major help from The Bears - and to me, it's simply great fun to figure stuff out!

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Glad to hear you are having fun with this.

Let me suggest something else. Tip/flatten the old outside/soon to be new inside ski from a neutral stance. By this I mean feel that you're hips are very much over your boots and that by mildly supinating your old outside/new inside ski flattens.

Here is the new stuff. If you are turning left and are hence tipping the left ski simply think left tip left. Don't do anything with your hips. remain very quiet over your skis. The left tip left or right tip right is a term Bob B relayed to me and it is helping my skiing and the skiing of my students.

I've got to admit I think the idea of "cross over or cross under" is ruining a lot of skiers.

Think in terms of tipping/turning/flexion/extension occuring from the knees down and let the rest of your body remain poised over your "operating platform".
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Rusty -

Sounds good. Thanks again! How much do I owe you - are you going to send me a bill?

By the way, re the cross-over/cross-under thing: I think I just over-emphasized it, got too body conscious, and forgot about my feet for a while. Am I right in now thinking that the cross-over/under 'move' should be a reaction and not an action in itself?

- Tom(inator)

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