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CO Mogul runs

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Is anyone aware of resorts with bump runs yet? Mainly the vail resorts or Copper/WP. Just curious if any of them have bumped up with the new snow or have had seeded runs put in yet. Thanks.
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I doubt it. With the lack of snow, in order to create moguls would be a lot of snowmaking! And CO isn't so keen on snowmaking their ungroomed runs...
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Loveland has a few mogul runs open. Most of the blacks under Chair 1 are open - Cat's Meow, Busy Gully, and Holy Cat are all open with good coverage, as is Nix Nox. Some of the stuff under the top half of Chair 2 may be moguled also, though it wasn't yet when I was there on Monday.
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I skied this past Fri. and Sat. at Keystone and Breck. Conditions were good both days although I did get a core shot on one of the ungroomed runs at Breck on Saturday. For anyone interested, Breck does have a few bump runs open. It got me even more excited for the season. I'll likely be going Thursday-Sunday as long as I get my ski fixed in time if anyone is interested.
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Mary Jane opened today. The kids had a snow day from school, so we loaded up and headed to MJ. Outhouse, Drunken Frencman and Gandy Dancer were all open... though it looked like they closed Outhouse later in the day.

While they were great powder runs morphing into chop and the beginnings of bumps by the end of the day, Their going to need more snow soon to remain skiable for more than another day or two.

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give WP/MJ a little more time - too many small trees buried just below the surface.
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