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ski length question and which model?

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I am a female, low intermediate skier trying to buy my first pair of skis. My height is 1.66 cm and my weight is 55 kg. I am what ski companies usually call recreational skier, I ski on groomed slopes, still cautious and prefering slower speeds but I am trying to advance (epecially my turns) and I would like a pair of skis that won't make it difficult for me ( I want to have fun) but would allow me to progress.
My first question is about size. The skis I ususally rent are 1.50 (men's skis) and they are ok, but now I want to buy women's skis and I must choose between length 1.46 or 1.54 cm, what should be best for me?

Finally which of the 3 following models would you reccomend (or any other)?
Rossignol Harmony II
Rossignol attraxion I
Dynastar exclusive

Thank you!
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You're a little bit shorter than my wife (if I assume you meant 1.66m rather than 1.66cm, otherwise you'd be a LOT shorter), similar weight, and probably a similar skier level. She started on 146cm skis (Blizzard X-Spirit) and still likes that length a lot. However, I would have no problem putting her on 153cm. In fact, I have been eyeing these skis in 153cm as a possible upgrade for her:


There is a 20% discount code that will knock another $60 off that price, making it a very good deal. Those are great women's all-mtn skis, and far enough up the model line that you have a lot of room to improve without outgrowing the skis. I have heard nothing but good things about K2's women's line.

Good luck!
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Yes, don't go much over the 150cm length and get the best ski you can for your money. Don't let anyone sell you a soft ski. It will only stunt your skiing and hold down your confidence. Try to hit a hill with a demo day and try out as many skis as you can. Go for the best skis first. That's the best way.
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Thank you both for the help!
Unfortunately I live in Greece where demo is something...let's say not very common. Actually K2 where one of my favourite brands BUT I can't find them in my city (many e-shops do not ship in greece) and generally speaking choice is quite limited! The 3 models I mention above are really some of the best I could find here...On the other hand I can wait to shop from Germany or Austria where I will soon travel.
I will definately keep in mind your advice flipflop not to go over 1.50, I feel the same way too.
Thank's again
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