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One more half pipe question

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To follow up on my question of a couple weeks ago on what to do at the top of the pipe.

To get the skis off the surface of the pipe to begin to rotate, is it best to up-unweight or down-unweight?

I use the term unweight loosely as you're actually weightless at the point in time when you stop going up. I'm refering to getting the ski off the surface. Do you retract and rotate? Or do you extend and rotate?

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It depends on the shape of the pipe. You can do a little of both. If you push off the wall too far, you'll hit the bottom of the pipe or the middle of the transition, but if you only retract your legs, and the pipe is no longer vertical, you could hit the deck as you come back down. So do whatever is appropriate. Pop up a little and retract your feet a little. If the pipe is icy and smooth, you barely have to do either one. If it's rutted and soft you want to do more to keep yourself from getting caught in a rut.
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One thing you can do is to stop worryin about the "air" and work more on your Approach, and Takeoff.

It's best if your air is generated more from speed and direction of travel instead of "pop" or jumping. Call it "Terrain Unweighting" instead of "up" or "down" unweighting, either of these will change your direction of travel too much until you get more experience in the pipe.

Start to learn to pump your arms forward with different ramp shapes. Start with flatter ramps.

As your tips contact the ramp entry pump your arms forward & up at the angle of the ramp. As your tips move into the air drive your arms forward at the angle of the ramp and out into space. This is the important part in the pipe, to move up beyond the lip and into the air with your whole body.

When you feel a little extra, "hang time"/travel compared to what you normally feel on that ramp move to a steeper one, and in this way work up to steeper ramps until you are doing it in the pipe.

Until you learn to move with the ramps it's all about arm pump in the pipe. Once pumping both arms gets you the weightless easy feeling at/above the lip, start pumping one arm, not across and down into the pipe yet, but just pump one arm up like you were doing two , this will give you a smooth, floaty roatation feeling. Uphill arm turns you down pipe, Downhill arm turns you up-Pipe (alley-oop stylie)

Once you begin to feel the float in this way you can start to play with which edges you take off from, uphill (generally not good, but it depends) flat skis (better and useful lots of the time) or downhill edges (dynamic and speed maintaining, but again depends on some things).

After exploring the above things it's time to start using pop to generate more air/spin etc. But if you go in trying to use Pop right off the bat it usually screws up a lot of basic stuff as you haven't yet begun to really ride the terrain.

Have fun. Pipe is a blast.
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