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Hi, I bought a pair of Lange Comp 120 last season and I love the performance, but my feet are killing me!

I was originally was going to get a pair of boots at Surefoot in Killington, but didn't and just bought a regular pair with a footbed and I am not happy with how they feel! I have been back to the boot fitter on many occassions.

I was considering getting a foam liner and was wondering what you think about my options and where to go have it done!

I thougth about going into NYC to Surefoots Store and getting a footbed and foam liner.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Why in your opinion will a foam liner fix the problem? Is the pain caused by a liner problem or by shell/foot interference.

If it is shell/foot interference I would identify the problem and reshape the shell.

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first thing i would do is change boot fitter, find a recomended one ..[list at the top of the forum page] and see what they recomend

changing the footbed and liner may work, but equally as lou has said it may not, you need to look at the whole picture
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If I am in the skiing position with my hips, knees and ankles flexed, my toes come off of the front of the boot. They touch very slightly if standing. The shell size seems correct to me, it is the liner that is SQUEEZING my foot to death! They put in a footbed when I got the boot, I can't remember the name of it right now. I have had foam boots before and also a ton of regular fitted boots with all kinds of work to them done also! I appreciate all of your help. Thank you again.
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All the guys are correct, there is something else going on here. The shell may fit the length of your foot but does the width and volume of the shell fit the rest of the foot?

A foam liner will not make a comfortable fit unless the entire shell fits the foot.

Most of the time - not all - pain in a boot is caused by a pressure point from the shell being to close to the foot.

Your comment about the length seems right but "my feet are killing me", makes me believe you do not have enough room in the width of the shell.
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I would be very careful in your dealings with Surefoot......that's all I am going to say.
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I appreciate all of your help with this issue, I need to find a GREAT boot fitter somewhere in the NJ, PA, NY area. I will travel to get the boot dialed!

I know some really great guys in the Killington area, but I am not going to get up there to after the new year and that will not do!

I have to agree with blowing the shell out, I have had this done on other boots before!

Thank you again for your help!


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Jeff Rich is in NYC if that helps.
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What shop is Jeff Rich with? Thanks again,

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Remember Jeff does not sell boots, he will recommend the boots to buy.
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