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FS: Head iM77 177cm

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Going to try and reduce some quiver overlap here. These are 2007 Head iM77 skis with the factory RailFlex rails, in length 177cm. The skis have about 10 days on them and are in like-new condition. They were tuned at the end of last season and still have a coat of summer storage wax.

The 2007 model was the last, and in my opinion best, year for the iM77. That year featured the "liquid metal", "intelligence", and "metal jacket" technologies, but no Chip. This was also the only year you could get a non-Chip model with integrated RailFlex rails.

I can sell these with or without the Tyrolia LD12 RailFlex bindings -- if you already have a set of RailFlex bindings, save a few bucks and slide them on these skis. For anyone unfamiliar with RailFlex, it allows easy adjustment of boot size, and provides ±1.5cm of fore/aft adjustment of binding position on the ski.

I'm asking $350 for skis and bindings, or $275 for the skis alone. Prices include FedEx ground shipping to the US East coast; if you're elsewhere in the country, expect to add $5-15 more for shipping. Due to past issues with customs fees, I don't want to deal with shipments outside the US. I can accept payment via PayPal.

PM me if you're interested or have questions.
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Last bump before I head into the post-Christmas eBay frenzy. Will drop price to $325 skis+bindings or $250 skis only, including shipping to eastern half of US. Few bucks extra for shipping out of the region.
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I don't mean to be a jerk but these are selling new for
Head iM78 for $240 on Tramdock. (yes, w/o binding)
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Thanks for the help -- you may have noticed I actually posted the alert about the iM78 on Tramdock in the PSA forum as soon as they went up.

These are the iM77, a different ski (differ by more than just 1mm of waist) and with RailFlex bindings.

I'm willing to deal on price, but I can't help it if Tramdock puts out a 25 minute deal on a similar model for an insanely low price. Someone who knows the difference between the 77 and 78 and can do math would likely still find a compelling reason to go with these 77s if that was the ski they were looking for.

Again, thanks. BTW, if you have to preface something with "I don't mean to be a jerk" then it's probably a good checkpoint to re-evaluate what you're about to write.
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I don't mean to be a jerk... But...

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There's more jerks here than a Jamaican BBQ joint!
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still available? I might be interested, despite tramdock...

By the way, I've read elsewhere about the difference between the metal cap and not - what's your take on the difference in terms of ski feel between this and the 78 (if you've ever been on a 78)

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They are sold.

I also ski the 78, and I'd say it's very different from the 77.

The 77 skis long, and is very very smooth. In the same length, it's a more capable all-mtn ski than the 78. I'd say the 77 feels more like the iM82 than the iM77.

In contrast, the 78 feels a little stiffer and snappier, has a lot of energy, and skis short. It is a real hot rod on groomed snow.
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