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Ski Length

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So i just sold my skis, and i am going to seven springs soon and i do not want to have to rent skis. I found a pair of 187 cm Solomon X-Screams with salomon 912 bindings that have been skiied on "10-15 times per year since 2003 mainly on the west coast" He only wants 60 dollars for them so im tempted to buy them, and i am low on money. But heres the catch. I am about 5'10 and 120 pounds. i realize the skis are quite big for my size, but is an extra 20-25 cm over the suggested length a big difference? I have skiied 150-160s for three 9 hour days straight doing mostly diamonds without a problem. i run cross country, so i have fairly strong legs. And seven springs (PA) always has decent snow. Should i buy them? or is it too long? I appreciate the help.
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If I were you, I would pass. It's not just the $60; it's the valuable ski time that you would be wasting on the wrong equipment.

The bindings might be worth the $60 though. I'm not up on the price of old 912 bindings.
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Just look for a shorter $60 ski if you have a fixed budget. 187cm would be insanely long for you.
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Can't refer you to any $60 better bargains, but the X Scream in a 187 cm is a very big ski for a person of your weight. I saw a pair of new Dynamic skis on ebay 168 cm with bindings ( i AM 3.0) for $150 that I believe would suit you much better. I think there are some 170 cm Head Monsters maybe with bindings for $150 as well on ebay.
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Considering it would be another 10 inches longer than what your used to, I agree with the previous posters and keep on looking. But if you do decide to by them, make sure that the binding is moved to it's most forward position.
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I agree with 219...way too long.
If you look awhile, you will find another good deal.
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Way too long. You should be looking for something in the 160-170 range at your weight.

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yeah spend another $100-200 and get some more recent skis. technology has changed a lot ... or at least the fashions of shaped/wide/length etc. And should it not work out, you can resell a newer ski easier too.
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Too long for you plus they may have up to 90 days on them and could be shot to hell or close to it.
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I'm your size but heavier, this is exactly my old rock ski these days.

Pass on them and look for newer. Just my 0.02.
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