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ski recommendation

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I'm looking to buy a new set of skis, but unfortunately I haven't stayed up to date, so I'm hoping for a suggestion.

I've been skiing on a pair of Elan SCX's I bought back in probably 1999. The skis have served me really well and I love them, but, it's time to get something new.

I'm a level 9 skiier, spending about half my time on bad Michigan mountains with a lot of ice and groomed trails, and the other half in Aspen (some groomed, some trees, some double blacks on Aspen).

This winter I have trips planned to Blue Mountain in Canada, and Jackson Hole.

I'm 6'3", about 220lbs. The guy at the shop suggested a pair of Volkl AC30's, but I'm worried about their stability at speed and how well they'd perform and maneuver, since it seems to be more "all around". So instead I'm looking at the Tigershark.

Ideally I'd like something like my Elan SCX's, but with a bit more speed and stability at speed. Thanks!

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I have no doubt that you will find the AC30 plenty stable at speed. The AC30 has a very similar construction to the Tigershark, but it has less shape and in turn it will provide you with a better ski for what you are looking to do. The reason why you would find it better with less shape is that a ski with to much shape will feel to turny in the off trail. Where as a ski with less shape will bust through the crud better and allow you to vary your turn shape easier. It is a full woodcore ski with two sheets of metal in it so do not worry about edge grip and performance, trust me its got plenty of kick behind it.

Heres a more indepth review for you.....http://www.sierraskis.com/2009-Volkl...-120-44986.asp
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Ideally I'd like something like my Elan SCX's, but with a bit more speed and stability at speed. Thanks!
The higher-end Elan Magfires? That would be the similar choice to the AC30 from Elan. All-mountain, somewhat of a frontside bias.

The Head Monster 78 or 82 could also be a good choice.

Honestly, if you have to split time between icy Michigan crap and Aspen, you'd be better off with two sets of skis. Get some narrow carvers for Michigan, and something in the mid-fat range (or wider, if you want to go off-piste more) for Colorado.
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