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Off-Piste Ski help

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I'm about to trade in my current AT set up and hoped there'd be a few fellow EC BCers to share some experience. I'm moving up from an 88mm ski to the Karhu Team 100/Line Prophet 100. For a 5'11"/175# guy EVERY post on TGR says to go 186cm. But most of the posts are for the West and/or at least some % inbounds. My use is off-piste (in the White Mountain area - Mt. Hale, Tucker Brook, Moosikauke, etc.). The guys in my local shop are strongly recommending the 179cm for maneuverability/quickness in the woods. My local shop is good - just wish we had the skis - and snow - to demo. Anyone offer support for the 179 instead of the 186? Thnx.
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If you think you want the 179 over the 186 get the 179.

the best reason to get a 179 is easier kick turns and lighter weight.

the best reason to get the 186 is more float actually makes a faster turning powder ski IE more maneuverable.

to be honest the difference is nearly so small either way that you wont go wrong either way.
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You'll be fine with the 179. Your shop guys have the right reasons, and lightness is rightness.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. At the end of the day, we're talking 2 3/4"...

I'm thinking about my experience with the old blue Pocket Rocket. The 175 was way too short - squirrely and unstable. The 179 Line has a couple of inches+ on the 175 Salomon when put side by side. The Line also has a stiffer flex and greater width throughout - very noticeably larger shovel & tail).

At 178cm, the Dynastar Legend 8800 always felt short - and it has an almost flat tail. Like the PR, it lacks the girth/surface area of the Line, but this doesn't entirely offset the effects of contact length and edge length.

Thanks for the input and additional info is appreciated.
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