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non stainless volants

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Anyone know anything about them? I have a pair I picked up a few years ago for super cheap that I use as rock skis, never put much thought about how paradoxical they are until the other day.

they are some model of machete, little sidecut, semi-twin, black, claim to be designed by McConkney. Plain old plastic topsheet, laminate construction. Made in Slovenia, I'm guessing by Elan.

Anyone have any info to placate my curious side??
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See are a pee.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
See are a pee.
I already knew that part...

edit: I should add one of the main reasons I think this, they have to be the softest ski that is that narrow I have ever seen. complete noodles. Plus they are falling apart, but hey they are fun for beater skis.
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